Nov 26, 2014

Weigh In Wednesday - Starting again

What better Wednesday to start with a new linkup, and to help manage the chaos between Thanksgiving and  NewYears. 
We all know it is the hardest six weeks of the year for maintaining weight, let alone losing any!
Note: my goal right now is to maintain, and regain my exercising mojo.  Any loss would be fantabulous, and I'll take it as a bonus perk.

I don't regularly post my weight as a number, mostly because I know the former me would scoff and give snide or passive aggressive comments about someone's scale number being my goal.  I was that person, so I know there are others out there that will roll their eyes and say 'whatever' to my quest to get out of the 160's.  I was that person, I won't deny it.  I remember dumping blogs because I just let my jealousy and mis-perceptions get away from me.  I thought that anyone at a normal sized clothing or 150s or whatever, that they were just bragging and looking for attention of one sort or another.  That was the 200lb me.

But now that I'm the 160s me, who once got herself down to a sickly 132?  The 160s me that has had a wonky two years physically? 

I will admit: I was a jealous jerk of a woman who didn't understand the struggle even at those desirable weights or sizes.  I was just an immature woman who was in a low low spot with self-esteem and no support that I could just lash out at those who actually stopped using excuses and did it, and they could be within society's "norms."

I have to forgive that foolish girl, and face the future as a mature woman who hopefully has friends to look past that ugly jealous phase and support me through the next 20lbs as it truly is the hardest to lose.

So with my Weigh-Ins, I will have to suck it up and share my battle and to those that are the former screw it.  Its tough, at size 16 it was tough, and it still is tough at size 8....10, okay tight 10s. But you know what I'm saying.

Weighing In
Height: 5'6"
SW: 164.6
Last Week:
This week:
Total Loss: 0.00
Lifetime loss: 60.6 (currently 28)

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  1. I completely agree! I remember when I was over 200lbs, someone else's starting point was my ideal weight. It's hard NOT to compare yourself, but even so much lighter, it still is a challenge to maintain and continue to lose. Good luck next week and happy thanksgiving!


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