Dec 30, 2014

2014 Mission Recap


I don't like the word 'resolution' since it jinxes whatever it is to only about .173% successful.  Last year I set out to get more comfortable with my picture out there on the interworlds.

I ended up posting a 'selfie' or my face at least once a month, so I consider that an improvement for me.  I still don't have any logical reason for my avoidance of the camera, I suppose its just more evidence of longstanding low-esteem for way too long from the old April days, and then just self-consciousness of the more recent April days.  Whichever, I will continue to try even though it is a new year.
October - December 2014

June - October 2014
January - June 2014

Seems it all works out to an average of 2.75 pics per month.  Not your average blogger, huh? I think most of the accounts I follow post 2.75 a day! Not hating! I wish that I was that confident of my image.  This upcoming year I will continue to strive for that comfort, not for 'blogger' sake, but for my confidence sake.

So yeah, its an improvement from the uber-private April that I naturally want to be.

The 2014 Mission for confidence and comfort will continue on into 2015.

Dec 29, 2014

We like a challenge! (Coupon Code)

Anybody else get the itch to renew your mojo by challenging yourself?  Like me and my warped intent of actually truly trying to hit 15 official races for 2015?  This comes out to at least 1 official public race a month, plus a couple virtuals to hit my number.

I am blessed to be in a very active area of Texas and centrally located so I can trek an hour away to San Antonio and have their full schedule of events at my disposal as well.

On tap so far is my January one which is for a local place that is just too adorable to pass up, plus I may actually do the dressup part of it.  (details coming soon)

Today though, I get to skip straight to my February run that is already lined up.

But wait April, you can't skip January!?
Oh but I can, and it is for your benefit!!!
and the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

On February 28th (coincidentally my birthday weekend, hint hint) I will get to have a blast with my son again doing a 5K.  Not just any 5K run, but a full on obstacle course that he as a 10yr old gets to do as well!!  I think he may have squealed when I showed him pictures of the upcoming ThrillSeeker 5K.

It doesn't take much to see why he and I are so excited!  ThrillSeekers 5K was created by the professional stunt producers of MTV's Nitro Circus and the FUEL channel's Thrillbillies.

I'm jumping in my seat picturing the fun my son and I will have, I see that young woman/girl in the wall picture and imagine his face beaming getting to do all of these things!

The costs are slightly more than I typically will spend (since I try to do so many) but this one actually benefits a cause that I do care about.  Portions of the fees are benefiting Be The Match, the bone-marrow donor registry organization that connects donors with those in need.  This tugged at my heart recalling that my first ever 5K was for DonateLife for organ donation while a close friend was struggling with a rare cancer.  Both organizations are amazing causes that I would gladly donate to, but by partnering with the ThrillSeeker 5K, I get to have a blast with my son at the same time.

(This code will work for the San Antonio run on February 28th while they are working out details for the Dallas area!)

I managed to score a deal to motivate everyone to check it out as a great experience
 for anyone who has an inking of a fun streak in them!

That may not sound like much, simply saves a transaction fee or taxes...but it leaves us knowing that more of the costs are directed to a great cause.

Any questions, please ask away!!

Dec 24, 2014

W.I.W. April v2.1.4

Weigh In Wednesday
I'm thinking of keeping the generic post titles for this linkup, it may help keep me going as in the MFP (Aprilelayne) streaks that I typically fall off after 22days.
Let's see if it helps!

Just going to rip the bandaid off quick here and get it out there:
Weighing In
Height: 5'6"
SW: 164.6
Last Week: 165.2 (12/17)
This week:164.4
Total Loss: 0.2

Finally! A loss! Its only taken four weeks to get below my starting weight? what the hell is up with that?  But you know what, I'll take it.  That if precisely the four weeks starting the week before Thanksgiving until today, the day before Christmas.  The most decadent and indulgent month of the entire year.  
 Yep, I did it. I baked and baked, and then gave it all away. Muhahaha.

I will say that this weigh-in is a reminder to be patient and to try and keep my emotional eating under control.  Well that and I'm going through some serious gum chewing and water chugging!

I don't know about anyone else, but with Mockingjay coming out, my son and I have rewatched the first two films (he read the series) and it reminded me of why Jennifer Lawrence is the new 'IT' girl.
Perfection, not only physically but mentally.

Have a great holiday!!! 
lets kick this into high gear now that all these family and food festivities are behind us (after tomorrow.)

Dec 17, 2014

W.I.W. - April.v2.1.3

Weigh In Wednesday

We are hitting the spot where I'm starting to frustrated for no movement, no reaction, no results to all of this.  I have given it my all with better food choices, not snacking at all, and pushing myself physically again.  I'm sore and hungry.  But my headaches are managed, I'm sleeping slightly more and my gut is feeling pretty good.  I'm doing what they all say are the things to do.

This is my 3rd weigh-in since my renewed mojo. My focus and determination is stronger than it has been for almost all of 2014 (which is now labeled a "complete bust" officially...feel free to refer to yours as well.)  If not, then kudos to anyone who had a great year! Keep stopping by and pushing me, because after this morning's disappointment I need it.

Weighing In
Height: 5'6"
SW: 164.6
Last Week: 165.2 (12/3)
This week:165.4
Total Loss: 0.00 - up 0.6

Double Sigh.

Want some irony to make it more difficult to understand?

I am wearing pants today that I haven't worn in two months due to ill-fitting aka 'too tight for public.'
Say what??  
Wait a second here Mr.TightPants, Ms.StupidScale just told me I'm failing at this game.  
Its like having two best friends, one of them is a frenemy and you can't tell who is who.

Yet, we keep the friendship going.  
I do it out of fear that I won't figure out who the frenemy is until its too late and I'm either as big as a April 1.0 and given up or April 2.0 and unhealthy again.

Dec 16, 2014

My, aren't we nosey?

I'm sure everyone (all 11.2 of you) was anxiously waiting my recap yesterday of how bad/good I did over the weekend, right?
Did April really get her miles in?
Did April fall off the wagon (again) and splurge on holiday baking?
I didn't get a run in. Not going to sugarcoat it, but people have to realize that the weekends are the only functional hours to shop, cook, clean, etc and it is December and only two weeks away from Christmas? Saturday was spent doing the Christmas thing with a RSVP with jolly St. Nick himself and a very enamored 3yr old.

Wagon falling?
Nope. Didn't do it.
I tried my best to make the right choices with nominal carbs and extra water.  I didn't get my baking started so that may have helped, but I did good.

It is rather obvious when I'm not feeling 100% (figuratively and physically) when I get to see my activity from my Polar Loop.  Tuesday through Thursday were rough, a lot of basic walking while drowning in hot tea and Dayquil.

IG Randomness?
When you lack the skills for selfies and don't post kidlets? yeah, randomness ensues.

Back to the more important issues:
Here we are now halfway through December and while the scale isn't moving quite yet, I am still making better choices and giving more effort to my workouts and activity.

Week3 of my found mojo and now I need to get back to work.
Have a great day!

Dec 11, 2014


If you aren't a parent of a young one, or live near the area you may not recognize this week as important or recall what transpired.

If you a parent of a young one, the date may not be etched in your memory like it is for some, but this Sunday will mark the second anniversary of the day innocence was lost to a disturbed young man.  It wasn't the first time, nor will it be the last.  But 12/14 was the day that we gasped that it could happen to such young souls and it shocked us as parents to realize it can happen to our 'babies,' not just other people's kids, but OUR kids.

Friday, December 14th, 2012
Newtown, Connecticut 
6 adults 
20 children
Sandy Hook Elementary School

Now that I've said the name, it is likely flashing back to you.

I personally was not affected, I do not share this under that premise.
I have never once been to Connecticut nor physically met anyone from the area.  But as we all know, the internet and social communities unite us and we make friends around the world without ever meeting.  My connection is simply that of an online friend of a family whom I've never met, but have grown to love in the last 8 years.  A friendship with a mother. A mother whose son is mere months older than mine. A mother who commiserated and compared and shared parenting tips with a fellow first time mother between Connecticut and Texas.  I have not met her or her family.  But I cried that day for her family. I cry when I see my 10yr old son who shares so much in common with her son and what he experienced that day. And still tear up on this day as my friend's family continues to struggle despite surviving that day.  Her children were Sandy Hook students.  Her children are survivors and will always be prayed for.

This post is not about them.
This post and message is about a dear friend of theirs that did not walk away that day.  
Their loved friend, neighbor, and classmate, "Joey."

Today would have been Josephine Grace Gay's 9th birthday.
"Joey" was a beacon of smiles and was loved by all, 
she was a special soul that hid behind autism that kept her silenced. 
 A special soul that many did not get to experience due to her short time with us.

Please take a moment to think of those children this weekend, and especially December 11th as Joey's birthday.  

You can see the impact she had across the country by searching #CelebrateJoey
 and our hope to turn the internet purple on 12/11.

Please visit "Joey's Fund" to learn more about Joey's impact on everyone who met and loved her.

In the last two years, many other incidents have occurred.  Gun control was debated, argued and silenced.  Instead of dwelling on the 'shoulda, woulda, couldas', members of Newtown are teaching us as parents and community members.  has been created to help parents, educators, and communities across the country improve the safety in our schools. You can find toolkits and opportunities to learn more about the safety of your community and schools. 

*This post is not sponsored and I hope I gave credit to all sources, I have no affiliation with any of the programs, websites, or foundations referenced.  This is simply April spreading Joey's smile and message to never forget what happened in Newtown and hope and pray to find solutions to keep our children safe.*

Dec 10, 2014

W.I.W - The 'Non-Weigh-In'

Weigh In Wednesday

First things first, I don't have a magical number to share today. 
I didn't get on the scale. 
 I honestly was going to skip today's post because of it, 
but then realized that is the first slippery step to backtracking on this mission.
and I refuse to undo this regained momentum already.

This week isn't a full bust, in fact Monday was a killer day!
A run in the morning AND a lunchtime cardio class of cursing Jillian again!
Plus a blog post and the work-work? 

 I was raring to go all day, badabing badaboom

But then, as if karma came around to say:
 'Hold the phone April!
 you've used all your awesomeness up today and you aren't worthy of a single minute more.'
At approximately 8:32pm Monday night, 
the wonders of Austin Texas hit me and I've been down for the count since. 
 Allergies, sinus crud, death by ear and sinus pressure.
But I posted to not skip out on the weigh-in post due to a bad weigh-in, but a non-weigh-in and why.
I am trying my best to not eat away the pain,
but rather drown it in hot tea and coffee.

Dec 9, 2014

On The Table: Supernatural Amaretto "ProCream"

People, I promise you this is the bestest, most fantublous protein ice cream I've made.
Like Supernatural level heavenly goodness!
 I don't know how I, nor anyone else, can top it flavor wise!
No sweetie, don't doubt me! 
I know I said before with the thin mint creamer, but this??
blew it out of the water!

I had randomly picked up a new coffee creamer for Hubs, he loves almond flavor stuff and I am trying to branch him out and figured I'll drink the stuff if he doesn't like it.
 But now?  
This stuff is MINE.
100% all MINE.
No worries...I will always share anything with you Jensen!

I swear I knew this was going to be full of flavor the second I opened this coffee creamer.
 It quite literally smells like heaven with unicorn giggles and Jensen smiles all mixed together.

I've prepared a batch for tonight's dessert without banana, although I do allow myself those carbs for the sake my muscle recovery for my miles, bananas are a good thing!

Jensen and I send our love of protein and ice cream to you.

Have a great Tuesday!

Dec 8, 2014

Weekend, good it was....

Happy Monday!
Or what I need to start calling, "DoubleUpDay"
 because its almost becoming a routine (almost) for me to hit double-workouts on Mondays! 
"No, you are wrong Master Yoda.  I'm not failing this time.  
I'm doing this legit, healthy and the right way."

Last week I have to admit ended up right on track despite my lack of the planned 4miler.  I struggle with pulling myself away from the kids, spouse, and house duties to selfishly give myself an hour to workout and shower and what not.  I know I know, I am entitled to give this time to myself and that I am a priority. But when a working momma only gets xx amount of time with her kids that isn't the frantic Monday through Friday chaos of daycare pickups, dinner cooked and negotiated into less than eager children's mouths, baths and bedtime routines all within 2 hours? Yeah, I haven't figured out to avoid the guilt of that lost hour or two when it is the only free moments in life that I can actually sit, enjoy, play, or whatnot with my kids.
"Yes Master, I'm trying"

To summarize the weekend's activity (since my phone is misbehaving) looked something like this:

Monday - 185%
Tuesday - 163%
Wednesday - 101%
Thursday - 137%
Friday - 80%
Saturday - 119%
Sunday - 114%
Average activity for the week? 128%
(100% currently = 11500 steps)
(my miles don't get added since I keep my right hand on the treadmill for balance)

"No! I'm not powerful yet Master Yoda!"
This is just the beginning, I'm still learning how to balance this all out without injury or guilt.

I just want to share in the goodness that I've done thus marks a new week.
Can we just enjoy the success of week one and keep riding the wave?

I mean, its Monday and I did my #4amclub run (2.5miles) and I hit a Jillian kickboxing video at lunch.  
 "Thanks Yoda, I appreciate that kind of enthusiasm for the new week!"

Did anyone fall hard this weekend?
Is your week starting off the right way?

Dec 5, 2014

Back on Track Friday Recap

So, how'd everyone do this week?  

I know there are several of us who are hitting it hard with this last month of 2014. This was my first week feeling my mojo coming back, I can't complain other than today's slip-up food wise.  I think we all could have some sordid tales of our warped relationship with food or emotional eating, so I won't repeat what we all know.  

Short story?
 Bad emotions lead to bad choices and bad attitude.

I was pissy today, and its Friday, which is the Old April's day cheat day.
I actually got in the car today at lunch with my bad pissy mood and drove to Taco Cabana.  I had every intention of my 'usual.'  A kids meal which is one beef taco with two corn tortillas along with a 3oz queso and tortilla chips.  Not horrible in the real world of choices, but still a pretty big indulgence for someone 'on track' right? I parked and walked in to get my lunch for to-go.....and fate stepped in to make me stop and think in the means of a super long line of people in front of me.  

So much that I got back in my car and ended up at Wendy's.  I still ate out, I still indulged, but it was just enough of a pause and reminder to make me make a better choice.

Wendy's kid meal with a grilled chicken wrap, no sauce...took it out of the tortilla and had mandarin oranges. *The carb count is with the tortilla, so I don't have to claim those 25g..woo!

It wasn't perfect, but I don't have the regret this afternoon and this means I'm still winning.

 Thanks Dwayne!

I jumped back into this mission with quite literally
quadrupling my activity from last week month!
Monday - 2.0 miles, .5miles incline 7/10, then .5mile run.
Tuesday - Jillian Michaels' Trouble Zone 45min
Wednesday - quick HIIT at home, 20minutes
Thursday - Zumba 30min
Friday -4mile run planned for tonight (eek, I better!)

I must admit that I did not have nice words for Ms. Michaels' this week at all, my arss and thighs are rocks and I'm still walking funny (*snert) from our Tuesday video!

And for some fun this Friday?  I can't help but share these.
*hehe...this is the one suitable for the masses...caption it yourselves*
Have a great weekend ya'll!

Just think, 5 days is 23.8% of 'creating a new habit' done!

Dec 3, 2014

WIW - Version 2.1

I have to call this part of my journey my 2.0, because the original 1.0 version was the 2006 April.
The 2.0 April (2008) was the 2008 April that was a 60lb success story.

That makes 2014, a 2.1 update. 
Now quite retrofitted to the 1.0 version, but not compatible with the 2.0 either. 
This version is a work in progress and currently upgrading portions that include a healthier balance of cardio and weights instead of just the cardio bunny days of 2.0.

Alrighty...this is likely the hardest WeighIn, right? 
The first one after the Thanksgiving splurge?

Weighing In
Height: 5'6"
SW: 164.6
Last Week: 164.6
This week:165.2
Total Loss: 0.00 - up 0.4

Well, so much for that.
Not really too upset.
I know that for the last two days I've worked out hard and eaten right. 
I feel better already, but also know that I ate sausage and cabbage last night for dinner, so I'm chalking the gain up to swollen muscles and sodium. 

Next week baby, this is real!

Dec 2, 2014

On The Table: This week

So last week's prepared menu didn't come to fruition, but I'm not was because Hubs will want to cook and well, I never turn that down.

This week on the Table

Sunday: Turkey and Black Bean enchiladas
Monday: Roast w/ leftover sides from Thanksgiving 
Tuesday: Grilled fish tacos and fresh corn on the cob
Wednesday: Cabbage and Sausage 
Thursday: Moroccan beef meatballs
Friday: Leftover night

"Call"??.his name is Carl people!

And nobody spoil anything else!
I'm two episodes behind and thanks to Norman himself he spoiled it on Instagram. 
But we can still love him, can't we?

Dec 1, 2014

Admit is Day1

Okay, so Friday should have been Day1, 
but we all know that the real week always starts
 on a Monday or on the 1st of the Month.

Today, December 1st, is a Monday.
Hence, official Day1 of the Pre-2015 quest of getting things together
 so we can't fall to the  "New Year's Resolution Jinx" o
f promising the new year will be better, 
but then fall before the 31st of January?

More importantly?  
Mentally I'm ready to plug along and 
not let my emotions drive me to chocolate.
 not let my migraines drive me to indulgences (other than sleep!)
not let my want for coffee to be abused
(not let my temper flare up and guilt drive me to the hidden leftover halloween candy)

This morning I started off on the right foot with a moderate 2.5miles on the treadmill.
1.5 was jog
.5 was incline at 7/10 
and then .5 at run speed.

My lunch class was planned and prepped for a 45minute Cardio class,
 but it was suddenly cancelled when I got to work.  
 For the last two months, the attitude was 'oh time.'
but today?

I will be walking the stairs during that time.

What are you doing differently today?

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