Dec 30, 2014

2014 Mission Recap


I don't like the word 'resolution' since it jinxes whatever it is to only about .173% successful.  Last year I set out to get more comfortable with my picture out there on the interworlds.

I ended up posting a 'selfie' or my face at least once a month, so I consider that an improvement for me.  I still don't have any logical reason for my avoidance of the camera, I suppose its just more evidence of longstanding low-esteem for way too long from the old April days, and then just self-consciousness of the more recent April days.  Whichever, I will continue to try even though it is a new year.
October - December 2014

June - October 2014
January - June 2014

Seems it all works out to an average of 2.75 pics per month.  Not your average blogger, huh? I think most of the accounts I follow post 2.75 a day! Not hating! I wish that I was that confident of my image.  This upcoming year I will continue to strive for that comfort, not for 'blogger' sake, but for my confidence sake.

So yeah, its an improvement from the uber-private April that I naturally want to be.

The 2014 Mission for confidence and comfort will continue on into 2015.

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