Dec 1, 2014

Admit is Day1

Okay, so Friday should have been Day1, 
but we all know that the real week always starts
 on a Monday or on the 1st of the Month.

Today, December 1st, is a Monday.
Hence, official Day1 of the Pre-2015 quest of getting things together
 so we can't fall to the  "New Year's Resolution Jinx" o
f promising the new year will be better, 
but then fall before the 31st of January?

More importantly?  
Mentally I'm ready to plug along and 
not let my emotions drive me to chocolate.
 not let my migraines drive me to indulgences (other than sleep!)
not let my want for coffee to be abused
(not let my temper flare up and guilt drive me to the hidden leftover halloween candy)

This morning I started off on the right foot with a moderate 2.5miles on the treadmill.
1.5 was jog
.5 was incline at 7/10 
and then .5 at run speed.

My lunch class was planned and prepped for a 45minute Cardio class,
 but it was suddenly cancelled when I got to work.  
 For the last two months, the attitude was 'oh time.'
but today?

I will be walking the stairs during that time.

What are you doing differently today?

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