Dec 8, 2014

Weekend, good it was....

Happy Monday!
Or what I need to start calling, "DoubleUpDay"
 because its almost becoming a routine (almost) for me to hit double-workouts on Mondays! 
"No, you are wrong Master Yoda.  I'm not failing this time.  
I'm doing this legit, healthy and the right way."

Last week I have to admit ended up right on track despite my lack of the planned 4miler.  I struggle with pulling myself away from the kids, spouse, and house duties to selfishly give myself an hour to workout and shower and what not.  I know I know, I am entitled to give this time to myself and that I am a priority. But when a working momma only gets xx amount of time with her kids that isn't the frantic Monday through Friday chaos of daycare pickups, dinner cooked and negotiated into less than eager children's mouths, baths and bedtime routines all within 2 hours? Yeah, I haven't figured out to avoid the guilt of that lost hour or two when it is the only free moments in life that I can actually sit, enjoy, play, or whatnot with my kids.
"Yes Master, I'm trying"

To summarize the weekend's activity (since my phone is misbehaving) looked something like this:

Monday - 185%
Tuesday - 163%
Wednesday - 101%
Thursday - 137%
Friday - 80%
Saturday - 119%
Sunday - 114%
Average activity for the week? 128%
(100% currently = 11500 steps)
(my miles don't get added since I keep my right hand on the treadmill for balance)

"No! I'm not powerful yet Master Yoda!"
This is just the beginning, I'm still learning how to balance this all out without injury or guilt.

I just want to share in the goodness that I've done thus marks a new week.
Can we just enjoy the success of week one and keep riding the wave?

I mean, its Monday and I did my #4amclub run (2.5miles) and I hit a Jillian kickboxing video at lunch.  
 "Thanks Yoda, I appreciate that kind of enthusiasm for the new week!"

Did anyone fall hard this weekend?
Is your week starting off the right way?

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  1. Awesome! I did double up Monday too! (totally not planned) You're doing awesome! need to feed off this energy :)


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