Dec 2, 2014

On The Table: This week

So last week's prepared menu didn't come to fruition, but I'm not was because Hubs will want to cook and well, I never turn that down.

This week on the Table

Sunday: Turkey and Black Bean enchiladas
Monday: Roast w/ leftover sides from Thanksgiving 
Tuesday: Grilled fish tacos and fresh corn on the cob
Wednesday: Cabbage and Sausage 
Thursday: Moroccan beef meatballs
Friday: Leftover night

"Call"??.his name is Carl people!

And nobody spoil anything else!
I'm two episodes behind and thanks to Norman himself he spoiled it on Instagram. 
But we can still love him, can't we?


  1. LOL I've seen Rick memes that pronounce Carl as "Coral". That makes me chuckle. We will forgive Reedus. He's too awesome not too (This season has been the best yet!) No spoilers here though!

  2. I feel like I'm the only one not 'Walking Dead" obsessed. I watched part of the first season on Netflix and just couldn't get into it. Maybe I'll try again...


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