Dec 29, 2014

We like a challenge! (Coupon Code)

Anybody else get the itch to renew your mojo by challenging yourself?  Like me and my warped intent of actually truly trying to hit 15 official races for 2015?  This comes out to at least 1 official public race a month, plus a couple virtuals to hit my number.

I am blessed to be in a very active area of Texas and centrally located so I can trek an hour away to San Antonio and have their full schedule of events at my disposal as well.

On tap so far is my January one which is for a local place that is just too adorable to pass up, plus I may actually do the dressup part of it.  (details coming soon)

Today though, I get to skip straight to my February run that is already lined up.

But wait April, you can't skip January!?
Oh but I can, and it is for your benefit!!!
and the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry.

On February 28th (coincidentally my birthday weekend, hint hint) I will get to have a blast with my son again doing a 5K.  Not just any 5K run, but a full on obstacle course that he as a 10yr old gets to do as well!!  I think he may have squealed when I showed him pictures of the upcoming ThrillSeeker 5K.

It doesn't take much to see why he and I are so excited!  ThrillSeekers 5K was created by the professional stunt producers of MTV's Nitro Circus and the FUEL channel's Thrillbillies.

I'm jumping in my seat picturing the fun my son and I will have, I see that young woman/girl in the wall picture and imagine his face beaming getting to do all of these things!

The costs are slightly more than I typically will spend (since I try to do so many) but this one actually benefits a cause that I do care about.  Portions of the fees are benefiting Be The Match, the bone-marrow donor registry organization that connects donors with those in need.  This tugged at my heart recalling that my first ever 5K was for DonateLife for organ donation while a close friend was struggling with a rare cancer.  Both organizations are amazing causes that I would gladly donate to, but by partnering with the ThrillSeeker 5K, I get to have a blast with my son at the same time.

(This code will work for the San Antonio run on February 28th while they are working out details for the Dallas area!)

I managed to score a deal to motivate everyone to check it out as a great experience
 for anyone who has an inking of a fun streak in them!

That may not sound like much, simply saves a transaction fee or taxes...but it leaves us knowing that more of the costs are directed to a great cause.

Any questions, please ask away!!

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