Dec 24, 2014

W.I.W. April v2.1.4

Weigh In Wednesday
I'm thinking of keeping the generic post titles for this linkup, it may help keep me going as in the MFP (Aprilelayne) streaks that I typically fall off after 22days.
Let's see if it helps!

Just going to rip the bandaid off quick here and get it out there:
Weighing In
Height: 5'6"
SW: 164.6
Last Week: 165.2 (12/17)
This week:164.4
Total Loss: 0.2

Finally! A loss! Its only taken four weeks to get below my starting weight? what the hell is up with that?  But you know what, I'll take it.  That if precisely the four weeks starting the week before Thanksgiving until today, the day before Christmas.  The most decadent and indulgent month of the entire year.  
 Yep, I did it. I baked and baked, and then gave it all away. Muhahaha.

I will say that this weigh-in is a reminder to be patient and to try and keep my emotional eating under control.  Well that and I'm going through some serious gum chewing and water chugging!

I don't know about anyone else, but with Mockingjay coming out, my son and I have rewatched the first two films (he read the series) and it reminded me of why Jennifer Lawrence is the new 'IT' girl.
Perfection, not only physically but mentally.

Have a great holiday!!! 
lets kick this into high gear now that all these family and food festivities are behind us (after tomorrow.)

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