Dec 10, 2014

W.I.W - The 'Non-Weigh-In'

Weigh In Wednesday

First things first, I don't have a magical number to share today. 
I didn't get on the scale. 
 I honestly was going to skip today's post because of it, 
but then realized that is the first slippery step to backtracking on this mission.
and I refuse to undo this regained momentum already.

This week isn't a full bust, in fact Monday was a killer day!
A run in the morning AND a lunchtime cardio class of cursing Jillian again!
Plus a blog post and the work-work? 

 I was raring to go all day, badabing badaboom

But then, as if karma came around to say:
 'Hold the phone April!
 you've used all your awesomeness up today and you aren't worthy of a single minute more.'
At approximately 8:32pm Monday night, 
the wonders of Austin Texas hit me and I've been down for the count since. 
 Allergies, sinus crud, death by ear and sinus pressure.
But I posted to not skip out on the weigh-in post due to a bad weigh-in, but a non-weigh-in and why.
I am trying my best to not eat away the pain,
but rather drown it in hot tea and coffee.


  1. I had to skip weight in this morning too. Too much sleeping was the culprit.

    Hope you feel better soon. Keep on drowning in that tea!

  2. I hate those sinus issue days too...they seem to be happening more often as of late.

  3. I'm so proud that you linked up today regardless of a rough week... you're SO right, ignoring it is the first step of going down a slippery slope, I've done that too many times to count. Instead, you owned it and posted about it... now you can move onward and upward, great job!

  4. As soon as I heard on the news they detected cedar, I started on my once a day allergy pill preventative measure. The only cons of living in Austin: Cedar and traffic.


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