Jan 30, 2015

Dr. Google, I can take it.

I'm going to call this Friday post my confessional
This week just sucked.  Monday all through until my 4am alarm today was just sucky. 
No really, it sucked.
You know how real doctors will cringe and roll their eyes when you say 'well, I've been reading'....
because we all know that means we've been looking at Doctor Google.
I suppose pre-reading that a certain medication google, aka "research" yielded me comments of 'weight gain' and 'sugar cravings' and such may have been a bad sign.  Now I question if I hadn't read that, would I have indulged as much as I have?  Because its like I know there is an excuse, so why not eat three sugar cookies (large, HEB five inch across size type) in a single day?

But just like the grogginess and sleep pattern changes, I'm hoping that was temporary.  I can't afford to not wake up early and workout AND increase the sweets.

My thighs can't take it.

That said, I did manage to wake up this morning and get a "wog" on. Not a run, but I got 2.5miles done with an incline of 4/10.  That's better than nothing, right?

And to combat the cravings thing? Yep, prepped and pointed out my food for today last night.

Rice Cake w/ 1tbsp peanut butter = 3pts
Coffee, coffee, and more coffee (no really, 3 cups..by cup I mean mug)Which probably uses about 3pts as well.

Lowcarb tortilla w/ laughing cow cheese wedge and 3oz turkey = 4pts (original)
three pickles = 0pts
KettleCorn minibag = 1pt

Plans are loose right now due to Hubs' schedule, but if he's gone then its 'kids' choice' and I'll have soup and a protein of some sort.

Oh and 120oz water? 
DONE by 2pm.

I can overpower Dr. Google.

Have a great weekend! I hope to post more positivity and perkiness next week.

Jan 28, 2015

W.I.W. April v2.1.8

Weigh In Wednesday

I feel like I've just dropped the ball on this linkup.  It is a hard balance of weighing in for accountability but not getting obsessive about it.  I purposely don't keep my scale out in open site because I'm the girl who will weigh herself every time she enters that room.  So it is in hiding until Wednesday mornings.

This Wednesday morning's number is yucky, I don't like it. 
I won't make excuses...it is just a sucktastic week.
And I've eaten like no tomorrow for the last two days.
I'm struggling with waking up in the mornings.  The normal April is the annoying chick who gets up at 4am without struggle, gets in workout clothes and am fully awake when she hits the treadmill in th garage by 4:20am.  But this week? Nope. That 4:07am alarm has been going off, I say 'screw it' and roll over waiting for the 2nd round of the alarm...and the third.  I am waking up at 5:30am and struggling to wake up in a decent mood.  I skipped out Monday and Tuesday, so last night I went to bed at 9pm! That is unheard of for me.  I still struggled this morning.
I don't like this and I'm praying to avoid turning it into a bad habit.

I happen to be off today for some appointments with Kiddo, so I got on the treadmill at 7am instead and forced 4miles.  And I loved it.  I loved the during and of course the after!  But getting my arss on the treadmill to start has become harder and harder this week.  I told myself to give it a week (new migraine med) like the doctor warned me...but geesh!?

Weighing In
Height: 5'6"
SW: 164.6
Last Week: 163.0 (1/14)
This week:164.0
Change:+1.0 (gain)

This chick promised herself to hit 6.2miles (10k) this weekend.

Jan 26, 2015

Old lady Instagram creepin'

If you haven’t noticed the pattern yet, you should. I didn’t post on Friday because of that mommy job that interferes and messes with my routine.  LittleOne was sick again and not able to go to daycare, so I was her jungle gym on Friday instead of the planned lunch date with ShaunT.  I won’t complain because I did make up for it.

Friday night I hit the treadmill for a 4mile run. 38:39 
Sunday was spent hanging out at my second home, the fun one with grandparents (aka..the one I don’t have to clean!)  The negative of that house?  Is the candy container that is always stocked with peanut M&Ms. April, in an emotional or hormonally weakened state around chocolate of any sort is not a good thing.

So it called for another treadmill run. 3.1miles at 29:47.

I do have to backup and share an awkward realization from dinner last night.  Not my food choices, because that was actually on point, but more about Instagram creepin’ meets real life, and the reality of age.  I don’t know the algorithm or settings for Instagram and how it recommends things or people to you in the popular feed but somehow I had found a fledgling bodybuilder dude.  I immediately knew of the area he lived and worked around just based on his references online and such but didn’t think much of it.  I mean I live and work in Austin now, but grew up and did high school in San Antonio but honestly only run into people I know about once a year in either city. They are both pretty large cities.

Enter dinner last night with my parents and kidlets. And then after a quick walk by of a person in a particular restaurant, I realize ‘gee, that guy looks familiar, like a guy who rarely wears a shirt type…’ Enter the Instagram feed and realize that yes (with 95% certainty) that this person who is fully clothed in front of me is also a competitor person I’ve oogled witnessed for the last couple months while prepping and showing off the 'gainz' you read about.

And then I'm a dork with a goofy grin that I just spotted a random IG person in real life.
But then the sad realization that it is downright inappropriate when the person in real life…
is barely of legal age (19)
And then the uber sad realization that makes it even harder
I’m old enough to be his mother.

How was ya'lls weekend??

eta: I am relieved it wasn't truly Norman because I would have gone all teenager fangirling on him.

Jan 21, 2015

W.I.W. April v2.1.7

Weigh In Wednesday
Somehow I find it hard to believe that it is Wednesday again.

Really? I feel like I just did this whole 'facing of the scale' thing like just yesterday!?

I'm going to admit, yeah, there wasn't a weigh-in this morning.  And I did do the scale thing yesterday, but at the doctor's office.

We all know what that means.
Not really because I'm smarter than that. I can't let some random new scale set me off like it used to.  That number is not valid for my day-to-day mood.
  • I have never met that scale before, it doesn't know me.
  • It was on the second floor and duh, gravity!?
  • I think Austin city is probably higher elevation than where I am at, so yeah.
  • Not at all comparable to my nekkid post-pee early morning numbers.
What I am going to report on some validation or overly stoking my ego comments from my new doctor:

  • "I have to take you off of ABC medication, you are too healthy for that."
  • "You have awesome stats for your BP and heartrate, I don't see that too often with moms your age" (sure that could have been a possible dig at my age, but I'm putting in in the compliment category while I can)
  • I laughed and responded to comment #2 with 'oh you should have met me 7 years  ago at 200lbs, I'm still working on the last 20lbs again'
  • "Oh really? I didn't see notes of a procedure of lap band? How'd you do it?"
  • "Just a treadmill and WeightWatchers" (not a plug, just a fact)
  • "Awesome! But I am going to say 'NO' to your 20lb goal. I say 5-10lbs at most, by medical standards you are in a great place. "

  • No worries I don't trust myself to not weigh-in and report in, but yesterday's conversation was a great reminder of the goals and end results not be solely a number on a scale, no matter if the scale is at home or at the doctor's office.

    Its a good day, ain't it?

    Jan 20, 2015

    2015.2 Friday Fitness (oops..late!)

    I seem to be scrambling with my blog posts lately, my consistency is off when it comes to the level or amount of rambling.

    What consistency isn't off is that with my working out (minus one horrid day)! I'm still trying my best when my body isn't trying to yell or nag at me to take a break I mean.

    I'm upset in that its not as much as I had hoped for nor a stellar week.  Tuesday I started feeling 'off' and had a sinus headache or I thought it was.  Wednesday I awoke and immediately knew it was going to be a rough day.
    By 2pm I was done.
    I had to admit defeat and actually use the word.  
    'Migraine'  Sigh. 

    By 2pm and admission of what it was, I actually had already made an appointment with my new primary doctor.  Anyone who knows me would be shocked at me voluntarily calling and setting that up.
    Monday  - am - 2.5mile jog - not a run.
    Tuesday - noon - Jillian Buns and Thighs - 40min
    Wednesday - *the horrid migraine day*
    Thursday - noon - Country Line Dancing Cardio *snort...really need to post about this one!*
    Friday - noon - T25 Speed 2.0

    ETA: Welp, looks like I never got this up last week! So instead I'll recap it with the bonus from Friday.

    Above it read that I had a Friday mid-day class of T25, but yeah that didn't happen. Instead I ended up running two kiddos to the doctor. Fun days of mommy duty got in the way. But I was determined not to lose anymore time last week and found myself on Friday night doing the hamster wheel thing on the treadmill and pounded out another 5miler.  I did a half mile cooldown (which is at 5mph) so a total of 5.5miles.

    Despite doing the mom thing today with two sick kidlets again and working from home, I forced myself up and got 3miles done before the lazy sick day begins!

    Jan 14, 2015

    W.I.W April v2.1.6

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I don't have much time today as work (the real one) keeps getting in the way!
     But I wanted to at least stay true to my mission and weigh-in
    (even with lackluster results)

    Weighing In
    Height: 5'6"
    SW: 164.6
    Last Week: 163.6 (1/7)
    This week:163.0
    Total Loss: 1.6

     I suppose the slower the better, but geesh.

    Still plugging along.  I will recap my week's activity on Friday.

    Jan 13, 2015

    On The Table:Custard-like Fruit Dip

    This past Friday we held a baby sprinkle for a new coworker....and as always I have to be the odd one in the group and try to bring something homemade.
    I feel like the odd one only because everyone else buys their dish/food but they all come to expect me to bring the 'homemade' good stuff.

    Honestly? I do it mostly so I can guarantee at least one semi-healthy choice and one that I can be guaranteed of its ingredients.  We have several new staff who also have some food sensitivities, so they look forward to my contributions as well.

    This 'sprinkle brunch' was at 9:30am and is predominantly a breakfast.  Instead of the business practice of donuts or bagels, this is Texas and we do breakfast tacos.  We are already one step ahead with that choice in that we will have eggs and protein choices rather than just the carb-heaven of bagels and such.

    To counter the taco choices (which we are blessed to get corn options for us GF type folks) I had to come up with something for the breakfast timeslot, but healthy. 
    Enter Pinterest and google.

     One of the recipe pages with great examples of healthy and delicious recipes was found at ALOHA.  With ALOHA's mission to inspire health and happiness, I want to contribute an idea for their dishes for 'sharing' or what we call, a potluck dish!

    Breakfast brunch type thing?
    Baked good easy for potluck or 'sharing'?

    I decided to revisit an oldie by goodie I hadn't made in quite some time, my Zucchini-Banana-Oatmeal muffins. I won't repeat that recipe, because its all there in its old font and no picture post ready for your scrutiny (yes I will update eventually.) But in addition to the muffins, I figured we needed some fruit to round out our brunch.

    I shouldn't even share it because it is too simple to call it a 'recipe!'

    Custard-like Fruit Dip

    4oz small container of whipping cream
    12oz yogurt (I used a fat free vanilla)
    1 small package of pudding mix (I used vanilla)
    • Whip cream to a cool whip consistency with soft peaks
    • Place yogurt into a large bowl for mixing, pour in half of the whipped cream and fold in to incorporate
    • Before completely mixed in, sprinkle 1/3-1/2 of the dry pudding mix into the bowl
    • Mix completely to ensure the dry mix gets thoroughly mixed in.
    • Test the mixture if still runny, add in more of the whipped cream (the more whipping cream, the lighter the custard texture)
    • Once mixed completely, cover with a tight lid or cover with saran wrap to prevent a crust from forming. Fridgerate overnight or at least two hours to allow the dip to set up.
    I made a fruit tray with strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and my kids have taught me that marshmallows are always fun to add into fruit! ha! Enjoy!

    I have to admit I added too much of the pudding powder into mine and it truly st up like a custard and made the dip very thick.  

    Hubs in his envious metabolism immediately thought of using the dip as his custard for napoleons.  I mean, how much harm can a little puff pastry thrown into the mix of my healthy fruit and dip cause? Ha! His coworkers are more hearty, so maybe next time we will do it his way!  
    Not exactly clean due to the powder, but it is super simple to make and impress friends and family (or new coworkers!) 

    What would you bring to 'share' at the table?

    Jan 12, 2015

    Remember when? (GIVEAWAY!)

    We had a sparkly tank that traveled from boob to boob?
    I mean coast to coast!

    Remember when some of your favorite bloggers (still don't know how I lucked out with all these awesome ladies!) all shared what motivated them and kept them moving in this journey? This lifestyle of continuously striving for improvement in more than ways reflected on a scale?

    I shared my 'clicking' moment in my Tank post (here) and what prompted my journey, but what keeps me going to this day, even six years later.

    Oh yeah, the tank looks slightly different now.  Seems everyone left some motivation on it.
    This tank is now available to one lucky winner!  My prior post highlights all the different bloggers that you will recognize including Brandi aka Mama Laughlin, Val from FabChickGetsFit and Candra of course, one of our hosts!

    Just enter the rafflecopter below to win this tank with motivation literally oozing from it!

    a Rafflecopter giveaway

    And a special thanks to Candra and Tia for letting me join in such an awesome and meaningful project!

    Jan 9, 2015

    2015.1 Friday Fitness

    This week has both kicked my butt, and been 95% awesome....so I'll jump right into my weekly recap of activities!

    Monday - (noon) Biggest Loser cardio video
     Tuesday - (PM) treadmill run = 4.0miles
    Wednesday - (PM) treadmill run = 3.5miles
    Thursday - (noon) Billy Blanks 20min
     Friday - (noon) T25 Speed
    Friday - (PM) planned 4mile treadmill run*

    Next week's noon schedule looks pretty intense with Brazillian Butt Lift, Jillian and then Insanity and T25. Woah.

    Hardest work I've put in since last summer, and I feel awesome.  I'm sitting here recapping my exercise this week and have a GF lemon cupcake one arm length away from me at my desk.  Am I tempting fate?

    I got this.
    What about ya'll?  Still kicking it?

    Jan 7, 2015

    W.I.W. April v2.1.5

    Weigh In Wednesday

    I missed last week, not denying it at all.  I didn't skip a weigh-in out of fear or gluttony, I simply didn't get a chance to for my Wednesday post. 
    I'm not going to fluff around and say that I didn't weigh in a time or two since then, but I can promise that I haven't been on the scale more than once every three or four days.  This is huge for me as I go from the scale-obsessed-5times-a-day-naked-triplechecking kinda girl to the husband hiding it away for months as instructed. 
    Once or twice in a week, is moderation and I'm happy with it. 

    I hope this attitude helps me as my progress is slower than anyone would like, that it simply reminds me that I'm trying to do this in a healthy way.  Truth is, I know what to do to drop five pounds in 10days if I want to.  But I'm in a better position so far that I don't want that. I want those five pounds over a month if I have to if it helps it stay off.

    Hell, even if the five pounds takes two months....I already feel amazing in my own skin and strength.  Loving the healthy sore muscles, feeling the knots of muscles being used that became soft from the mojo-free 2014. 
    Weighing In
    Height: 5'6"
    SW: 164.6
    Last Week: 164.4 (12/24)
    This week:163.6
    Total Loss: 1.0

    Learning to not let that number or scale control me is harder than running miles,
     prepping meals, counting points or whatever.

    Visit the Ash, Heather, Erin and all the other ladies who motivate me to keep putting one step forward every week!

    Jan 5, 2015

    2015....five days in?

    Did you fall off the wagon yet?

    Not you, John? really?

    I haven't...
    In fact I'm starting strong this year and pushed to see how far I fell in 2014 and actually impressed myself.

    Call it the magic new shoes, or that it was 9pm, or the new year high, 
    but I've already pushed myself harder than I have in a very long time.

    and ya know what?
    It felt awesome!
    No, it felt.....
    okay fine...yes, but I don't like to talk like that John!
    Already this year, as in the first five days of it, I ran my longest distance since February of 2014. What? That was like forever ago! 
    Yes! it was before I lost my mojo and before my plantar started messing me up.

    Mark your calendars people! (okay, at least I did)
    January 2nd at 8:30pm I began a treadmill run.
    and 49minutes (and change) later, a total of 20.0 laps showed on the treadmill...20.0 laps is 5MILES.

    2015, I am on it.

    *And your Monday Man Crush comes to you via John Barrowman of Doctor Who and Arrow*

    Jan 1, 2015

    Happy New Year! 2015

    I don't know why but this year I'm struggling to come up with my mission statement or goal.  I thought I had it, drafted it up the other day and re-read it today and just rolled my own eyes at my own post, that is pretty bad. 

    I suppose my mission statement for the new year isn't all that new, I've tried for 8 years to focus on me and bettering myself in physical health as well as emotional and mental health.  This past year was a struggle in all aspects.  I look back and try to figure out which was the chicken or the egg.
    • Was it the plantar issues that held me back physically and then impacted my crappy attitude?
    • Or was it crappy emotional attitude that led me to not stretch or take care of myself physically as well as I used to? 
    • Was it the working out that brought on the migraines? (electrolyte imbalance)
    • Or did I se the migraines as an excuse to half-ass it most of the year?

    Whatever it was, I'm glad to have thrown out some of the eggs...or were they chickens? whatever!?
    • The plantar is still bad for the morning runs, but I've moved to more evening runs and not had nearly the trouble.
    • The migraines are gone at the moment.  Seems it was a bad reaction to a medication that I was on, it only took me 8 months to connect the dots.  The neurologist didn't connect it, but after I cold-turkeyed off the stuff, the migraines miraculously disappeared. Go figure.
    But all that is last year, 2014.

    This year, 2015, I hope to keep documenting my goal of striving for more. Either more miles, more strength, more happiness, more love for myself.  I need to stop focusing on that stupid scale number, stop whining every month or so, but just keep going and moving and balancing it all out.

    Nope. Not true.
    Because there is no way I am the only one with this struggle. 

    This blog was intended for me to write it out.  
    The good, the bad, the funny, and most importantly, the struggle.  
    The struggle to maintain a weight loss, re-lose it if necessary, and try to grow older gracefully.

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