Jan 9, 2015

2015.1 Friday Fitness

This week has both kicked my butt, and been 95% awesome....so I'll jump right into my weekly recap of activities!

Monday - (noon) Biggest Loser cardio video
 Tuesday - (PM) treadmill run = 4.0miles
Wednesday - (PM) treadmill run = 3.5miles
Thursday - (noon) Billy Blanks 20min
 Friday - (noon) T25 Speed
Friday - (PM) planned 4mile treadmill run*

Next week's noon schedule looks pretty intense with Brazillian Butt Lift, Jillian and then Insanity and T25. Woah.

Hardest work I've put in since last summer, and I feel awesome.  I'm sitting here recapping my exercise this week and have a GF lemon cupcake one arm length away from me at my desk.  Am I tempting fate?

I got this.
What about ya'll?  Still kicking it?

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