Jan 20, 2015

2015.2 Friday Fitness (oops..late!)

I seem to be scrambling with my blog posts lately, my consistency is off when it comes to the level or amount of rambling.

What consistency isn't off is that with my working out (minus one horrid day)! I'm still trying my best when my body isn't trying to yell or nag at me to take a break I mean.

I'm upset in that its not as much as I had hoped for nor a stellar week.  Tuesday I started feeling 'off' and had a sinus headache or I thought it was.  Wednesday I awoke and immediately knew it was going to be a rough day.
By 2pm I was done.
I had to admit defeat and actually use the word.  
'Migraine'  Sigh. 

By 2pm and admission of what it was, I actually had already made an appointment with my new primary doctor.  Anyone who knows me would be shocked at me voluntarily calling and setting that up.
Monday  - am - 2.5mile jog - not a run.
Tuesday - noon - Jillian Buns and Thighs - 40min
Wednesday - *the horrid migraine day*
Thursday - noon - Country Line Dancing Cardio *snort...really need to post about this one!*
Friday - noon - T25 Speed 2.0

ETA: Welp, looks like I never got this up last week! So instead I'll recap it with the bonus from Friday.

Above it read that I had a Friday mid-day class of T25, but yeah that didn't happen. Instead I ended up running two kiddos to the doctor. Fun days of mommy duty got in the way. But I was determined not to lose anymore time last week and found myself on Friday night doing the hamster wheel thing on the treadmill and pounded out another 5miler.  I did a half mile cooldown (which is at 5mph) so a total of 5.5miles.

Despite doing the mom thing today with two sick kidlets again and working from home, I forced myself up and got 3miles done before the lazy sick day begins!


  1. Great job getting up and getting it done and it was still a pretty darn impressive week! Hope you can get some relief from those migraines soon!

  2. Well, at least you've gotten to the bottom of that situation real quick. There's no sense or point of distending a pain and illness like that, much less casting it aside. The sooner you can get that thing figured out and solved, the better, preferably through trusted and professional medical treatment. Thanks for sharing that! Take care!

    Agnes Lawson @ Pain Relief Experts

  3. Way to rock the workouts! I am dealing with a minor leg injury and to top that off, I biffed it in the parking lot at work, sore elbow, hip and pride....:)


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