Jan 5, 2015

2015....five days in?

Did you fall off the wagon yet?

Not you, John? really?

I haven't...
In fact I'm starting strong this year and pushed to see how far I fell in 2014 and actually impressed myself.

Call it the magic new shoes, or that it was 9pm, or the new year high, 
but I've already pushed myself harder than I have in a very long time.

and ya know what?
It felt awesome!
No, it felt.....
okay fine...yes, but I don't like to talk like that John!
Already this year, as in the first five days of it, I ran my longest distance since February of 2014. What? That was like forever ago! 
Yes! it was before I lost my mojo and before my plantar started messing me up.

Mark your calendars people! (okay, at least I did)
January 2nd at 8:30pm I began a treadmill run.
and 49minutes (and change) later, a total of 20.0 laps showed on the treadmill...20.0 laps is 5MILES.

2015, I am on it.

*And your Monday Man Crush comes to you via John Barrowman of Doctor Who and Arrow*


  1. Love me some Barrowman! Great job so far in 2015! You're killing it!

  2. I'm impressed! I was on the wagon through Christmas, briefly exited for some NYE and weekend shenanigans, but I'm back on it today. The gym was surprisingly empty this morning...I guess the resolutioners prefer afternoon workouts, ha!


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