Jan 1, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015

I don't know why but this year I'm struggling to come up with my mission statement or goal.  I thought I had it, drafted it up the other day and re-read it today and just rolled my own eyes at my own post, that is pretty bad. 

I suppose my mission statement for the new year isn't all that new, I've tried for 8 years to focus on me and bettering myself in physical health as well as emotional and mental health.  This past year was a struggle in all aspects.  I look back and try to figure out which was the chicken or the egg.
  • Was it the plantar issues that held me back physically and then impacted my crappy attitude?
  • Or was it crappy emotional attitude that led me to not stretch or take care of myself physically as well as I used to? 
  • Was it the working out that brought on the migraines? (electrolyte imbalance)
  • Or did I se the migraines as an excuse to half-ass it most of the year?

Whatever it was, I'm glad to have thrown out some of the eggs...or were they chickens? whatever!?
  • The plantar is still bad for the morning runs, but I've moved to more evening runs and not had nearly the trouble.
  • The migraines are gone at the moment.  Seems it was a bad reaction to a medication that I was on, it only took me 8 months to connect the dots.  The neurologist didn't connect it, but after I cold-turkeyed off the stuff, the migraines miraculously disappeared. Go figure.
But all that is last year, 2014.

This year, 2015, I hope to keep documenting my goal of striving for more. Either more miles, more strength, more happiness, more love for myself.  I need to stop focusing on that stupid scale number, stop whining every month or so, but just keep going and moving and balancing it all out.

Nope. Not true.
Because there is no way I am the only one with this struggle. 

This blog was intended for me to write it out.  
The good, the bad, the funny, and most importantly, the struggle.  
The struggle to maintain a weight loss, re-lose it if necessary, and try to grow older gracefully.

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  1. I'm SO SO glad the migraines have stopped for you! Now let's just get that P.F. taken care of and you'll be all set for 2015! :)


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