Feb 25, 2015

Humpday fun

Trying something new today.
I was trying to do my Wednesday weigh-ins, 
but it feels 'moo' without an actual number to report.  *talk about a flashback reference*

Instead, I'm going to confess what's the dealio and my lackluster blogging of late:

Pre-teen kiddos and cranky parenting.
No need to type anymore right?

Just busy at work lately, and sadly it is just busy work.  Not engaging by any means.  So I've been bringing along some books to read in between stuff.  I figured if I'm going to be out in the market, I gotta freshen up and add some things to the resume.

I am trying to save everyone and the interworld from calling me out for what I feel like lately.  My migraines are at bay for now, but my sleep patterns are still out of sorts and I'm waking up angry. Not upset, but full on want to punch someone's throat angry or just scream type angry.  Tis not good for perky April (and those around her) so people in my proximity and those afar but readers....my withdrawal from interaction is for your own good.

Today it is 61* in Austin Texas.
Yesterday? We had a two hour delay due to 'cold.'  No snow or ice or anything really...just that it was 28* in the commuting and traffic time.  Don't hate.  Most of us are getting sick from the sudden shifts between air conditioning and heaters on/off inside the buildings.
Pray for me and my garage boyfriend, "Nordy"!! No seriously, I don't know what I will do if he goes.  I will probably roam the streets lost and confused in the cold muttering 'why, oh why!' The belt slipped on my treadmill, who is named "Nordy" (NordicTrack) last night and I could not get it back to work properly.  There I was in my cold garage at 10:22pm reading the manual online to try and figure out if Nordy needs hospice or just a quick well-check appointment.  I know the reality is that he may be old and dusty, I don't know what 13yrs is in treadmill years, but it is a long time and a lot of miles. *please pray that Hubs will save Nordy

I will recap my workouts this week on Friday with my recap, but until then I hold one hand with crossed fingers for my Nordy.  Hubs may not like my boyfriend, but he will help fix him.


Feb 23, 2015

2015 Oscar Randomness

In the last couple years I've not literally watched the award shows, but rather watched along with Twitter.  That is where most of the un-edited commentary and not recycled material are from.  Instead of adding to it last night, I thought I'd share my random, likely rude to some, but the random thoughts I had.

Jennifer Lopez:
 Really...why are you here?  You aren't much of a singer, even worse of an actress...yet you are honor us with your presence anytime there is a slew of cameras around.  I know you presented, but I'm still trying to figure out why you and what purpose you serve in the Hollywood community?
Faith Hill: 
Please step aside and let the gorgeous man step up and shine on his own.  And if Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway can't pull off the hair cut, please don't.  You are a gorgeous, talented woman....but your hair is distracting me from who is important here; Mr. Tim McGraw.


Gwyneth Paltrow:
 I know who your parents are/were...but you've not contributed to anything in this year's categories (that I'm aware of) so Gwyneth you are in the same category as Jennifer Lopez. I'd rather see your parents (and their humility you lack)

Lady Gaga:
*I did not watch live, but rather found video and audio clips.
You set Twitter and the interworld abuzz last night just doing what you are trained to do.  This is the talent you hid behind with the stupid costumes and outlandish 'performance art' that diminished your credibility as a talented artist.  Now the world can finally realize you aren't some flash in the pan Pop star, but a true artist.  Just stop wearing stupid crap and making up stupid scenes, and just sing and play and be a true artist.  (and sorry for the tattoo lovers in the world, but hers were a complete distraction during a beautiful performance)

Best Performance and Speech:
I don't think this is news to anyone here (as most blogreaders are women) but Patricia Arquette last night.  She literally could have pulled off a 'drop mic' after her speech if she wanted to and gotten away with it.
"To every woman that gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights,” she said. "It's our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America."

But we will ignore the part2 of the speech where she then went on to alienate anyone outside of the anglo woman's plea with her comments and interpretation that the time if for women and to have the other movements step aside for our time. Yeah, I don't see a problem with the movement in addition to other's who are advocating their respective needs.  People are allowed to hold up two or three signs to support more than one cause at a time. 

Happy Monday everyone!!

Feb 20, 2015

2015.4 Friday Recap

Sorry for my lackluster blogger performance this week.  I've been busy wallowing and pouting, which we all know can take over your entire day.  I could say it was a full time job lately, but I'm not that person.  I've been keeping it bottled it up and it spilled out late the other night. 

The 'woe' is just work.  Yes, I am grateful and have a reasonably respected position, but I'm being a snot and selfish.  That while I may be an old-fart in blogger age, I think I'm too darn young to be maxed out in my current industry/agency. Add insult to injury is that looking elsewhere was a reminder that I'm not in a horrible position.

Despite my 'woe is me' message this week as being my only other post this week, I have to give myself a pat on my own back (which is rather difficult if your arms or back are tight!) ha.

Repeat after me ..."Be grateful April
 (or all the less lucky folks will smack you silly!)"

I've actually been very active this week, likely just channeling my frustrations out with working out.

Monday- holiday, but a 15K step day naturally!
Tuesday - 2.5 miles walk - (lunch)Jillian Cardio Max
Wednesday - (lunch) Jillian Shed and Shred 
Thursday -  (lunch)30min Zumba and 10min stairs
Friday - 3.1mile run planned for tonight
Food prepped my lunches and successfully stuck on track all week! I know that my preference for routine and repeated meals works in my favor for food prep, and I should live it up!  Monday at home, so I prepped four days of my usual ground turkey and green beans but with a scrambled egg intentionally now for additional protein.

My breakfasts have been better this week than most.  I picked up a sweet new way to enjoy my protein powder.  For the last two years off and on, I've struggled with my lack of a blender and reliance on a basic shaker for my shakes.  I shook and shook and shook until my arms went limp and would then choke it down.  No more though!! I'll have to write it up because I've had three people eyeball it at work and ask about my breakfasts.

Overall, I'd say this week is in the positive column regarding my exercise and food.

but a negative for the work issues and outlook.

Its all good, I'll just keep taking my frustrations out in my cardio and workouts and at least get healthier while cranky mentally. That will at least make me look better to compensate for my moods lately.

No, I really do hope to be back in regular posting glory soon, I have several things coming up that I can't wait to share!

Feb 18, 2015

An old soul...

I remember when:

  • You worked your way up a ladder based on merit and capabilities.
  • You worked hard and followed the rules and people take note
  • You knew the rules of workplace etiquette of treating all staff equally as in don't look down or piss off your assistants and you don't burn your bridges.
  • You ranked applicants on qualifications and experience.
  • You earned your job, whether being the 'most qualified applicant' or by merit regardless if you were a friend of a friend.

I remember when I was proud of the work I did, while never able to talk about it, I was proud knowing who benefited from my work.

I remember NOW that the world doesn't work that way anymore and my work ethic, experience and knowledge isn't enough without that friend of a friend network bs.

Feb 13, 2015

Week recap and a fangirl question

and ironically the best day I've had this week.

Feeling the best out for the entire week!
Bonus? Good hair day!

When I review my week regarding food or activity, I don't think I can call it a positive or a negative week.  It was what it was.

Monday - Biggest Loser Cardio
Tuesday - zilch
Wednesday - Insanity Pure Cardio
Thursday - zilch
Friday - T25 Cardio

See any running? Nope. I have not gotten any running this week yet.  I am planning at least 4miles tonight while Hubs is out, but it will have been a full week since my last run.  Not smart for such a long gap, but my left hip and hamstring were hurting quite a bit this week from the Biggest Loser video on Monday. That one always gets me!

Food?  I am afraid that I will have to face some demons with that subject soon. Too much for a recap day, but yeah....my food has been less than perfect.  I try my best to eat as good as possible for breakfast and lunch during the week and make conscious choices all the other times (which is when I'm with the family.)  But this week I had a leftover cookie cake on my countertops.  This week I had manipulative coworkers who passed out chocolates too easily.  Thursday was when my stomach revolted on me and cried 'Uncle' and reminded me why I shouldn't eat without regard.  I keep my IBS at bay completely by diet and food choices, and just like preventative drugs, sometimes we forget why we do things and think we don't need to.

Thanks for the reminder IBS.

Despite this 'eh' week, I am completely stoked but nervously excited about my plans on Sunday. 
 Is it still 'fangirling' if it is an Instagram chick?

Anybody ever heard of "Jazzy" ??
what about JazzyThings?  
As in a food wizard with alternate flours and protein powders? 
As in several different e-cookbooks?  Oh yeah and she's a lifting machine!
gorgeous picture from her website! jazzythings.com
One of the first and best Instagram accounts I follow!  @jazzythings  
Food and fitness? And friggin funny!

I will be meeting her this weekend at the Austin workshop where I hopefully can learn some new tricks with flours and ideas for cooking with our various issues in the house. 

I'm excited about the information, but honestly am nervous about the other attendees.  Will I be out of place? It is just going to be lifting chicks that could benchpress me? (hint, I'm NOT small!) or other folks like me trying to make better health choices?  Am I going to be the old chick in the corner who isn't cool enough?  Venturing into new environments like this is exciting, but also hard. 

Anxiety? Yes.
Excitement and knowledge to be learned and great experience? Yes.

Feb 10, 2015

It's over....

Over, as in done.
No more.
It isn't you, it is me.
Woah...woah, hold the phone
Don't overreact!

Its just MyFitnessPal.
And no, we aren't getting back together.
(Daryl? we are never breaking up...so don't give me that look)

We've been together off and on for close to 5 years. 
That's a long term relationship, right?

Its not a big deal if you don't use it.  It is an amazing tool, don't get me wrong. It is precisely what people need to track their foods and macros and all that jazz. 

For me?  I am wasting keystrokes and an obligatory check in everyday for the sake of a 'streak.'
I literally eat the same breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday.  Everyday is simply a 'repeat yesterday' for both meals.  Dinner?  I rarely tracked it due to time, but again 90% of the time I could have by visiting my 'frequent' list.

I lost the streak many times over, my longest was 224 days and recently got back up to a 64day high. Pretty impressive right? It showed the world that I was going strong and tracking for a full two month period of time.

I set an alarm at 9am for me to log-in, and I would 'repeat yesterday' for my breakfast and then 9 out of 10days, never return until the alarm prompted me again the next day.

Such a fake appearance, just for the sake of appearances.  And honestly it wasn't even for the blog, it was just that competitive streak in me wanting to show it.

Why am I calling it for good now? 
I'm now at a place where I work out based on how my body is feeling.
I eat mindfully about balancing any large splurges with buckling down or minimizing another meal.

I don't want to re-install the app on my new phone.

I will however use it at the computer if I'm testing out a new recipe! 
I do have to give props to their recipe builder functions!

Bye bye fake tracking April.

Feb 9, 2015

Balancing your weekend

Welcome back to another installment of the weekdays!!

I'm going to let you in on that secret mommy sentence that we are guilty of thinking but never say:
I am actually happy to be at work today to rest from the weekend with the family.  We had family over for LittleOne's birthday celebration, it wasn't much and our family is small...but it still exhausts you as a host.

Party celebrations call for all the fun carbs good stuff!! 
Enter the obligatory party queso and chips and cookie cake.  I splurged, I enjoyed and I let it go.
I enjoyed the afternoon, but come dinner time I knew that I wasn't truly hungry and opted to drink my hot tea while the family ate their third meal.  I ended up eating some sliced turkey and hummus about 8pm while packing lunches. 

After packing those lunches?  
I made a pot of WW veggie soup to flush all my Sunday carbness out of me. Does it work? Who knows, but I know it works for me to stop eating the carbs and sugars asap to prevent my vicious cycles of cravings.

I just admitted to Sunday going in the negative column for weightloss journey effectiveness, but Saturday got me a big one in the positive column!

I scored myself a new pace record with my 10pm 4mile treadmill run. 
 Pace? holy speeddemon (for me) at 9:08!? CRAZY.
No, not really....
but you bet your bootay you may have seen it on Instagram at approximately .43seconds after seeing on the screen making it all legit.

Saturday = POSITIVE 

Monday = A whole new day and new week, lets get back to this!

P.S. - I don't normally post on Saturday's...but I felt it was worth the extra days or chances to enter in a giveaway that everyone can win from!

Kerri - Hey Kerri Blog | Autumn - It's Autumn

And a big fat welcome to all my new followers!!

Feb 7, 2015

Who needs a Valentine's GIVEAWAY?

Honestly, February is a love/hate kinda month for almost everyone I know.  On the rare occasion I was actually seeing anyone and even now married (13yrs) February is the 'Screw April Over' month.

February 14th - what we call 'heart' day for the kidlets.  *just like 3/14 is 'green day.'
February 26th - what is the day in which April says she was born, but what year we will not share.

LittleOne? Her birthday is February 11th. She is also doomed to have boyfriends go the cheap way and say 'hey babe, I'm getting you a big awesome present for the month since your birthday is so close, that's cool right?'

So to all those old boyfriends' who screwed me over those years, *all two of them..one of which I married* who needs you!?  I am going to treat myself to a Valentine's gift.

I started to treat myself to a nice pedicure for myself in honor of Valentine's Day for the last 15years.

Single, complicated, married, purposely empowered, whatever....I think you should go and do something for yourself!

I was excited to join in with some awesome friends and fellow bloggers that want to encourage anyone to do the same! Either spoiling yourself silly or spoil yourself sexy for another, whatever floats your boat. 

Because whatever your intent, Victoria Secret stuff rocks our socks anytime of the year! But it totally rocks if its FREE.

Click the Rafflecopter links below for entries to win our
 $75 giftcard from Victoria Secret.

Kerri - Hey Kerri Blog | Autumn - It's Autumn

Feb 6, 2015

2015.3 Friday Fitness and Random Recaps

I had a coupon code to share for the ThrillSeeker 5K aka...obstacle course designed by crazy stunt people who probably take pictures and laugh from afar of our failed attempts of awesomeness.
 But its in the name of fun and charity right?

Where is it going, and what I am doing with it?
I purposely went out of my way to take my new medication at 8:20 last night and slept in my sports bra and running socks.  I was asleep by 9:40, a full two hours ahead of my old normal, I went to bed determined to make up for a crappy hectic Thursday (in addition to crappy Monday and Wednesday) with time for a full 4mile run.

Yeah no.
 I did wake up early at 1am when someone decided to crawl into my bed though. 
Do I get a 'mommy' waiver?

I actually was okay with missing a few of my mornings because I can typically make up any losses with my lunchtime wellness class.  Except this week.


Our building is taking our 'wellness' room seriously and when two employees came up with big fat positives for FLU, we got shut down for the week and they sent in the Lysol SWAT team.  The room itself was quarantined for the week.

Last week I mentioned that I was having a battle of psychosomatic issues regarding 'sugar cravings' due to Dr. Google reporting on the new medication I was given for my migraines.  So last week through Saturday I indulged, I thought my body was calling for it.

Yeah no.
Sunday morning I had to get that missed weigh-in and the reality slap hurt, really bad.
Thursday to Sunday showed a FOUR POUND GAIN.

This brings to me to my week, which has been productive due to a sugar detox to push myself past any sugar issues from the internet (see, blaming Dr. Google again) and I've kicked that bad habit like an embarassing ex-boyfriend I won't admit to.

Happy to report that detox worked (basically followed Atkins Induction Phase menu) and I've lost those 4lbs and hopefully can see if next week's return of wellness classes and de-sugared attitude will get me back on track.

Hope everyone else enjoys their weekend. 

Mine will be a challenge as Sunday will include a cookie cake and queso.  

Feb 4, 2015

Kryptonite in a jar...[product review]

If this blog was to have a rapid response game regarding its content it probably reads as:

run...peanut butter...coffee...chocolate...coffee again...fangirl.....Reese's...coffee...run...

Or is that the content synopsis of most female bloggers?

Well, it must have been obvious to my friends at Influenster, because they really toyed with me and I can justifiably blame my January struggles on the January VoxBox. 

Yeah, they sent my kryptonite in a pretty orange box
I think it quite manipulative for this box to literally arrive the first week of January, right?  I mean right at the new year and renewed energy in resisting temptation.  How was I to do my job of being such a cooperative reviewer/blogger?

The struggle was rough.  
Luckily my kids metabolisms helped me out.

All I need is a finger spoon and I'm good.Review done.

In review fun though, the kids got creative and had me share some ideas with the interworld.

Kiddo's (10yr old) created a few combos, but primarily used his spread for his lunches.
His goto lunch this year has been peanut butter and strawberry jelly and a smidge of Nutella, but he opted to skip the jelly and enjoy the Reese'sSpreads instead.  

"The peanut butter covered it up too much, like too much peanut butter...
can we skip the peanut butter and just use the spread on bread?"  

I'm an evil mom and said no, but then he admitted his snack after school everyday that week was a wheat tortilla warmed up with a schmear of the spread inside.  Smart kid!

LittleOne (4yr old next week) created her combos that included pairing her Reeses' with:
Caramel rice cake w/ Reese's 
Green apple slices 

I opted to splurge up my cheats, a double-cheat? I tossed a teaspoonful into my protein-ice-cream treats regularly for the past month.  It is better with the vanilla and a few pecans chopped up in, but chocolate protein powder makes the protein-ice-cream super-duper chocolatey with a hint of the peanut butter!

Everyone's vote for the best pairing was something I forgot to photograph or recreate for fear of my waivering resistance.  So I will just let your imagine drool with these notes:

Reese's Spreads
graham Crackers
Cool Whip
Results in frozen little sandwiches

Or the mommy version?
Reese's Spreads mixed by spoon with cream cheese (whip) to a 30/70 ratio on top of graham Crackers

*I have to either thank or hate Influenster for providing this sample of Reese's in exchange for an honest and fattening review.*

Feb 2, 2015

While you watched....

some American football game of sorts...

I did it!

See that timestamp in the top left? Yep, I didn't start my run until 9pm. woah.
I finished up right at 10:15ish, shower, and chill out time?  Bed by 11:45 after treating myself to my protein icecream.  

It isn't the first time ever or anything, but it is quite the feat for me and I'm definitely going to glow in the bask of it.  All of 2014 was a wash for me, I had a gym membership from December 2013 to May 2014 when we suddenly sold our house and moved.  I actually ran a full 8miles in February 2014.  The furthest distance since then (crap, a full year ago) was the 5.5 from last weekend.

I mean who in the right mind skips out the 2nd half of the Superbowl that late on a Sunday night to go run?  
( I mean after the best half-time shows where the surprise acts kicked better ass than the headliner?)

(Thank you to Katy Perry, us late 80s to 90s kids just gave you props for kicking it the right way!)

The girl who actually cries at all the friggin commercials.  From the dead kid, dads with kids, some nascar inspired dad thing, some dad dropping off a daughter for the military, a bone-chilling pizza delivery call, and of course the one that will spawn the 2015 hashtag supreme:

You know which one I'm talking about.

So yeah, I'll be one of those hashtags, because I will share with whomever will tolerate a 38yr old woman who took up walking on a treadmill at 30 in hopes to lose some weight who now can post that picture? 

Yes.  I'll proudly rock the #LikeAGirl.

*images from CNN.com, necolebitchie.com, entertainthis.net
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