Feb 23, 2015

2015 Oscar Randomness

In the last couple years I've not literally watched the award shows, but rather watched along with Twitter.  That is where most of the un-edited commentary and not recycled material are from.  Instead of adding to it last night, I thought I'd share my random, likely rude to some, but the random thoughts I had.

Jennifer Lopez:
 Really...why are you here?  You aren't much of a singer, even worse of an actress...yet you are honor us with your presence anytime there is a slew of cameras around.  I know you presented, but I'm still trying to figure out why you and what purpose you serve in the Hollywood community?
Faith Hill: 
Please step aside and let the gorgeous man step up and shine on his own.  And if Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway can't pull off the hair cut, please don't.  You are a gorgeous, talented woman....but your hair is distracting me from who is important here; Mr. Tim McGraw.


Gwyneth Paltrow:
 I know who your parents are/were...but you've not contributed to anything in this year's categories (that I'm aware of) so Gwyneth you are in the same category as Jennifer Lopez. I'd rather see your parents (and their humility you lack)

Lady Gaga:
*I did not watch live, but rather found video and audio clips.
You set Twitter and the interworld abuzz last night just doing what you are trained to do.  This is the talent you hid behind with the stupid costumes and outlandish 'performance art' that diminished your credibility as a talented artist.  Now the world can finally realize you aren't some flash in the pan Pop star, but a true artist.  Just stop wearing stupid crap and making up stupid scenes, and just sing and play and be a true artist.  (and sorry for the tattoo lovers in the world, but hers were a complete distraction during a beautiful performance)

Best Performance and Speech:
I don't think this is news to anyone here (as most blogreaders are women) but Patricia Arquette last night.  She literally could have pulled off a 'drop mic' after her speech if she wanted to and gotten away with it.
"To every woman that gave birth to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights,” she said. "It's our time to have wage equality once and for all, and equal rights for women in the United States of America."

But we will ignore the part2 of the speech where she then went on to alienate anyone outside of the anglo woman's plea with her comments and interpretation that the time if for women and to have the other movements step aside for our time. Yeah, I don't see a problem with the movement in addition to other's who are advocating their respective needs.  People are allowed to hold up two or three signs to support more than one cause at a time. 

Happy Monday everyone!!


  1. I agree with so much of these comments about the Oscars! Although let me add one. I didn't need to see NPH's twigs and berries in his tightie whities. That did nothing to contribute to the show. And while I do appreciate a fine specimen of a man (and NPH does fit that category) it's all about time and place and this was not either.

  2. We had this discussion about Lady Gaga..."why the costumes, wigs, and makeup?" and someone at our shindig shared that awhile back Lady Gaga admitted she created this persona as a way to keep her public life and private life somewhat separate, citing Madonna and Michael Jackson's inability to have a private life as motivations. I kind of appreciate that. I would never recognize Lady Gaga walking down the street in yoga pants, no makeup, and her hair in a bun. So, she wins!


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