Feb 20, 2015

2015.4 Friday Recap

Sorry for my lackluster blogger performance this week.  I've been busy wallowing and pouting, which we all know can take over your entire day.  I could say it was a full time job lately, but I'm not that person.  I've been keeping it bottled it up and it spilled out late the other night. 

The 'woe' is just work.  Yes, I am grateful and have a reasonably respected position, but I'm being a snot and selfish.  That while I may be an old-fart in blogger age, I think I'm too darn young to be maxed out in my current industry/agency. Add insult to injury is that looking elsewhere was a reminder that I'm not in a horrible position.

Despite my 'woe is me' message this week as being my only other post this week, I have to give myself a pat on my own back (which is rather difficult if your arms or back are tight!) ha.

Repeat after me ..."Be grateful April
 (or all the less lucky folks will smack you silly!)"

I've actually been very active this week, likely just channeling my frustrations out with working out.

Monday- holiday, but a 15K step day naturally!
Tuesday - 2.5 miles walk - (lunch)Jillian Cardio Max
Wednesday - (lunch) Jillian Shed and Shred 
Thursday -  (lunch)30min Zumba and 10min stairs
Friday - 3.1mile run planned for tonight
Food prepped my lunches and successfully stuck on track all week! I know that my preference for routine and repeated meals works in my favor for food prep, and I should live it up!  Monday at home, so I prepped four days of my usual ground turkey and green beans but with a scrambled egg intentionally now for additional protein.

My breakfasts have been better this week than most.  I picked up a sweet new way to enjoy my protein powder.  For the last two years off and on, I've struggled with my lack of a blender and reliance on a basic shaker for my shakes.  I shook and shook and shook until my arms went limp and would then choke it down.  No more though!! I'll have to write it up because I've had three people eyeball it at work and ask about my breakfasts.

Overall, I'd say this week is in the positive column regarding my exercise and food.

but a negative for the work issues and outlook.

Its all good, I'll just keep taking my frustrations out in my cardio and workouts and at least get healthier while cranky mentally. That will at least make me look better to compensate for my moods lately.

No, I really do hope to be back in regular posting glory soon, I have several things coming up that I can't wait to share!


  1. Frustration with work is definitely great fitness motivation! I am sorry that it's been a frustrating week, and I'm sending positive thoughts your way :)

  2. Good job on all of the health related stuff! And listen here, I've been unemployed for 3 months and I am about ready to slit my wrists lol. Be thankful that you have a job! Whatever it is I am sure it will change, everything always does! Have a great weekend!


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