Feb 6, 2015

2015.3 Friday Fitness and Random Recaps

I had a coupon code to share for the ThrillSeeker 5K aka...obstacle course designed by crazy stunt people who probably take pictures and laugh from afar of our failed attempts of awesomeness.
 But its in the name of fun and charity right?

Where is it going, and what I am doing with it?
I purposely went out of my way to take my new medication at 8:20 last night and slept in my sports bra and running socks.  I was asleep by 9:40, a full two hours ahead of my old normal, I went to bed determined to make up for a crappy hectic Thursday (in addition to crappy Monday and Wednesday) with time for a full 4mile run.

Yeah no.
 I did wake up early at 1am when someone decided to crawl into my bed though. 
Do I get a 'mommy' waiver?

I actually was okay with missing a few of my mornings because I can typically make up any losses with my lunchtime wellness class.  Except this week.


Our building is taking our 'wellness' room seriously and when two employees came up with big fat positives for FLU, we got shut down for the week and they sent in the Lysol SWAT team.  The room itself was quarantined for the week.

Last week I mentioned that I was having a battle of psychosomatic issues regarding 'sugar cravings' due to Dr. Google reporting on the new medication I was given for my migraines.  So last week through Saturday I indulged, I thought my body was calling for it.

Yeah no.
Sunday morning I had to get that missed weigh-in and the reality slap hurt, really bad.
Thursday to Sunday showed a FOUR POUND GAIN.

This brings to me to my week, which has been productive due to a sugar detox to push myself past any sugar issues from the internet (see, blaming Dr. Google again) and I've kicked that bad habit like an embarassing ex-boyfriend I won't admit to.

Happy to report that detox worked (basically followed Atkins Induction Phase menu) and I've lost those 4lbs and hopefully can see if next week's return of wellness classes and de-sugared attitude will get me back on track.

Hope everyone else enjoys their weekend. 

Mine will be a challenge as Sunday will include a cookie cake and queso.  

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