Feb 4, 2015

Kryptonite in a jar...[product review]

If this blog was to have a rapid response game regarding its content it probably reads as:

run...peanut butter...coffee...chocolate...coffee again...fangirl.....Reese's...coffee...run...

Or is that the content synopsis of most female bloggers?

Well, it must have been obvious to my friends at Influenster, because they really toyed with me and I can justifiably blame my January struggles on the January VoxBox. 

Yeah, they sent my kryptonite in a pretty orange box
I think it quite manipulative for this box to literally arrive the first week of January, right?  I mean right at the new year and renewed energy in resisting temptation.  How was I to do my job of being such a cooperative reviewer/blogger?

The struggle was rough.  
Luckily my kids metabolisms helped me out.

All I need is a finger spoon and I'm good.Review done.

In review fun though, the kids got creative and had me share some ideas with the interworld.

Kiddo's (10yr old) created a few combos, but primarily used his spread for his lunches.
His goto lunch this year has been peanut butter and strawberry jelly and a smidge of Nutella, but he opted to skip the jelly and enjoy the Reese'sSpreads instead.  

"The peanut butter covered it up too much, like too much peanut butter...
can we skip the peanut butter and just use the spread on bread?"  

I'm an evil mom and said no, but then he admitted his snack after school everyday that week was a wheat tortilla warmed up with a schmear of the spread inside.  Smart kid!

LittleOne (4yr old next week) created her combos that included pairing her Reeses' with:
Caramel rice cake w/ Reese's 
Green apple slices 

I opted to splurge up my cheats, a double-cheat? I tossed a teaspoonful into my protein-ice-cream treats regularly for the past month.  It is better with the vanilla and a few pecans chopped up in, but chocolate protein powder makes the protein-ice-cream super-duper chocolatey with a hint of the peanut butter!

Everyone's vote for the best pairing was something I forgot to photograph or recreate for fear of my waivering resistance.  So I will just let your imagine drool with these notes:

Reese's Spreads
graham Crackers
Cool Whip
Results in frozen little sandwiches

Or the mommy version?
Reese's Spreads mixed by spoon with cream cheese (whip) to a 30/70 ratio on top of graham Crackers

*I have to either thank or hate Influenster for providing this sample of Reese's in exchange for an honest and fattening review.*

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