Feb 13, 2015

Week recap and a fangirl question

and ironically the best day I've had this week.

Feeling the best out for the entire week!
Bonus? Good hair day!

When I review my week regarding food or activity, I don't think I can call it a positive or a negative week.  It was what it was.

Monday - Biggest Loser Cardio
Tuesday - zilch
Wednesday - Insanity Pure Cardio
Thursday - zilch
Friday - T25 Cardio

See any running? Nope. I have not gotten any running this week yet.  I am planning at least 4miles tonight while Hubs is out, but it will have been a full week since my last run.  Not smart for such a long gap, but my left hip and hamstring were hurting quite a bit this week from the Biggest Loser video on Monday. That one always gets me!

Food?  I am afraid that I will have to face some demons with that subject soon. Too much for a recap day, but yeah....my food has been less than perfect.  I try my best to eat as good as possible for breakfast and lunch during the week and make conscious choices all the other times (which is when I'm with the family.)  But this week I had a leftover cookie cake on my countertops.  This week I had manipulative coworkers who passed out chocolates too easily.  Thursday was when my stomach revolted on me and cried 'Uncle' and reminded me why I shouldn't eat without regard.  I keep my IBS at bay completely by diet and food choices, and just like preventative drugs, sometimes we forget why we do things and think we don't need to.

Thanks for the reminder IBS.

Despite this 'eh' week, I am completely stoked but nervously excited about my plans on Sunday. 
 Is it still 'fangirling' if it is an Instagram chick?

Anybody ever heard of "Jazzy" ??
what about JazzyThings?  
As in a food wizard with alternate flours and protein powders? 
As in several different e-cookbooks?  Oh yeah and she's a lifting machine!
gorgeous picture from her website! jazzythings.com
One of the first and best Instagram accounts I follow!  @jazzythings  
Food and fitness? And friggin funny!

I will be meeting her this weekend at the Austin workshop where I hopefully can learn some new tricks with flours and ideas for cooking with our various issues in the house. 

I'm excited about the information, but honestly am nervous about the other attendees.  Will I be out of place? It is just going to be lifting chicks that could benchpress me? (hint, I'm NOT small!) or other folks like me trying to make better health choices?  Am I going to be the old chick in the corner who isn't cool enough?  Venturing into new environments like this is exciting, but also hard. 

Anxiety? Yes.
Excitement and knowledge to be learned and great experience? Yes.


  1. I saw she was doing an Austin workshop, very cool that you're going! I'm anxious to hear all the amazing tips your learn

  2. How fun!!! Be a fan girl and totally IG that shiz for all of us!


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