Feb 2, 2015

While you watched....

some American football game of sorts...

I did it!

See that timestamp in the top left? Yep, I didn't start my run until 9pm. woah.
I finished up right at 10:15ish, shower, and chill out time?  Bed by 11:45 after treating myself to my protein icecream.  

It isn't the first time ever or anything, but it is quite the feat for me and I'm definitely going to glow in the bask of it.  All of 2014 was a wash for me, I had a gym membership from December 2013 to May 2014 when we suddenly sold our house and moved.  I actually ran a full 8miles in February 2014.  The furthest distance since then (crap, a full year ago) was the 5.5 from last weekend.

I mean who in the right mind skips out the 2nd half of the Superbowl that late on a Sunday night to go run?  
( I mean after the best half-time shows where the surprise acts kicked better ass than the headliner?)

(Thank you to Katy Perry, us late 80s to 90s kids just gave you props for kicking it the right way!)

The girl who actually cries at all the friggin commercials.  From the dead kid, dads with kids, some nascar inspired dad thing, some dad dropping off a daughter for the military, a bone-chilling pizza delivery call, and of course the one that will spawn the 2015 hashtag supreme:

You know which one I'm talking about.

So yeah, I'll be one of those hashtags, because I will share with whomever will tolerate a 38yr old woman who took up walking on a treadmill at 30 in hopes to lose some weight who now can post that picture? 

Yes.  I'll proudly rock the #LikeAGirl.

*images from CNN.com, necolebitchie.com, entertainthis.net


  1. Can't believe you skipped the Super Bowl to workout, crazy and awesome! I too loved the "Like A Girl" commercial. What a positive, awesome message!


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