Feb 7, 2015

Who needs a Valentine's GIVEAWAY?

Honestly, February is a love/hate kinda month for almost everyone I know.  On the rare occasion I was actually seeing anyone and even now married (13yrs) February is the 'Screw April Over' month.

February 14th - what we call 'heart' day for the kidlets.  *just like 3/14 is 'green day.'
February 26th - what is the day in which April says she was born, but what year we will not share.

LittleOne? Her birthday is February 11th. She is also doomed to have boyfriends go the cheap way and say 'hey babe, I'm getting you a big awesome present for the month since your birthday is so close, that's cool right?'

So to all those old boyfriends' who screwed me over those years, *all two of them..one of which I married* who needs you!?  I am going to treat myself to a Valentine's gift.

I started to treat myself to a nice pedicure for myself in honor of Valentine's Day for the last 15years.

Single, complicated, married, purposely empowered, whatever....I think you should go and do something for yourself!

I was excited to join in with some awesome friends and fellow bloggers that want to encourage anyone to do the same! Either spoiling yourself silly or spoil yourself sexy for another, whatever floats your boat. 

Because whatever your intent, Victoria Secret stuff rocks our socks anytime of the year! But it totally rocks if its FREE.

Click the Rafflecopter links below for entries to win our
 $75 giftcard from Victoria Secret.

Kerri - Hey Kerri Blog | Autumn - It's Autumn

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