Mar 23, 2015

Over a coffee mug.....

You can find the coolest people.
Simply over a cup of coffee or tea...and chatting about coffee mugs!

The last couple weeks I've gotten to know a new friend thanks to Kallie at But First,Coffee
Kallie throughout the year hosts a mugswap for her fellow coffee mug happy friends.  This is where I found myself randomly paired with Kristine and Bentley.

Confession?  I immediately knew which blog was hers when I saw her email on the random pairing! How can you forget a blog name and imagery of Breakfast with Bentley  ! We exchanged emails for the last couple weeks and got to know each other quickly.

Not sure if Kallie did this on purpose, but she brought together a girl from Texas and a girl from New York!?! An avid SPURS fan talking with a New Yorker?  Kristine is probably glad we didn't even venture into the world of basketball talk, I realize she knows the game! haha!  (then she surely would appreciate my love for my SPURS, right??)

No worries, I didn't send any SPURS paraphernalia  to rub it in, but I did think to earn brownie points by sending treats along for Bentley in addition to Kristine! ha!

I guess I got lucky because she didn't send me anything NY related (although a real bagel would have been nice, I mean if I'm going to suffer for some gluten and carbs I want the real deal!)

Instead I now have the perfect evening tea mug.

Why is it perfect?
Oh because it is an OWL.
 also?  I happen to now have an OWL tea infuser to make my own personal mug of homemade tea.

Green Bullet Chinese loose green tea
and add in two large mint leaves outside of the infuser.
Go now....try it
(owl mug not required)
and then thank my Hubs for teaching me the love of Moroccan mint tea.

You can visit to see what goodies I shared with her and say "hi" to Bentley for me!

This was my second mugswap and have found two great new friends and blogs thanks to Kallie! 

If you are interested, you can find out more on IG using #bfcmugswap and find others who had fun meeting new people over the love of coffee mugs!

Mar 20, 2015

2015.6 Fiasco Friday Recap

Worst week EVER.

Monday: Jillian Michael's Shed n Shred 
Tuesday: Plumber stand-by duty = zilch
Wednesday: Kiddo appointment in San Antonio = zilch 
Thursday: 30min Zumba + 15minute stairs
Friday: T25 Speed 2.0

Seriously,this week was just a complete bust.

I knew Wednesday was going to be a rest day due to the schedule, but life and house throws curve balls at you suddenly on Sunday nights don't they?
Enter the water falling out of the ceiling of my master closet.
And no, there isn't a bathroom immediately above on the second floor.

Pipe in wall, between first and second floors.
Five holes in my walls.
Two days without hot water.

I worked out Monday but then Tuesday was trapped at home for the plumber.
Nordy is dead, so I ended up calling in a REST day.

But wait, Wednesday was scheduled a REST day.

I hit it hard Thursday and Friday, but things are not pretty around here.
I will have time next week to spill my emotional garbage about this healthy drama.


John Hughes Movies....if you don't love them, then you are likely going to always read my blog and say 'wow, she really is an old fart.'

We can still say to this day, that our movies from the 80's kick any other generation's movies butts.

Congratulations to Heather for the MealEnders giveaway!!!
Any other people who are interested, MealEnders is giving us all a 30% off coupon!

 So for two weeks, all "runners up" for our recent giveaway will be able to buy MealEnders at 30% off.  Just enter coupon code WINNER-TOO at checkout. To place your order and learn more about the product, visit

Mar 13, 2015

2015.5 Friday Fitness Recap

Monday: 3.5mile run = heavenly!!
Tuesday: 45minute Brazillian Sculpt
Wednesday: Insanity Max: SWEAT 
(omg this was insane hard! 400calorie burn for 40min!)
Thursday: 30min Zumba + 15minute stairs
Friday: T25 Speed 2.0 Migraine day

Yep. I worked out and despite being sore in places I forgot I had...I am lovin it!!
I had lost a lot of my arm strength in 2014, so I've been happy with the amount of pushups and arm work Brazillian and Insanity are starting to give me again. 
 Anything to help get rid of these bat wings.
 All in all, even with the last 24hours being a complete bust, I'd say it was a solid week.  I have eaten the same thing everyday too for convenience.  
This week was WW Zero Point soup and a 1pt low carb tortilla with 2oz turkey meat and 1tbsp of sriracha hummus with spinach. 
Easy peasy. Done.

I had wanted to chat more today, but alas this brain isn't up to snuff today.

Keep fingers crossed that we have a new family member come Sunday!! 
No big announcement, just Nordy's replacement.

Enjoy your weekend!
and don't forget

Oh! Turns out I had some twitter blog mishap and realized my posts weren't getting pushed.  This is good news for anyone who hadn't entered to win a total of 100 MealEnders Lozenges!
So I've extended the giveaway through the weekend and will announce the winner on Monday!

Mar 10, 2015

What I realized....

I did something for myself yesterday.

I took an "April" day. Scheduled it last week for a day off for myself, a day where friends happened to be flying into San Antonio and I happened to be able to enjoy a three hour visit with.  Friends who happen to also be on this warped journey for 'self-improvement' in more than just fitness measurements.

Know what else I got to do?

I got a good, sweaty, overly needed and craved, RUN.

I still struggle with that title; a runner.

If you have read this little blog for awhile then you know I am a treadmill runner, I prefer it for my tailbone and my hips.  I do the outdoor runs for 'charity' races and for my 'official' status, but truly I am happy just to hop on the treadmill and get a solid sweat and miles under my belt for the sake of ME. My mental health as well as my physical health.

So when I had to pronounce Nordy's death, it hurt.  I didn't realize how far I've come with the mental game of running.  Nordy has been either in my garage or in our gym room in three houses in the last 13years.  Nordy may have gotten dusty for a couple months at a time...okay, probably a 1/3 of the years he was dusty and not used.  He forgave me though because I always came back and kept on trying.

I made it two weeks without Nordy.  Luckily I had the obstacle course on 2/28 but then the 3/7 local run was my first ever DNR (did not run) due to last minute Hubs schedule changes.  I got cranky and down last week.  At the time I didn't realize why, but I did know that I didn't have my outlet. Before anyone reminds me of the great outdoors...the reality of outdoor running during the week is downright laughable due to our family schedule and availability.  I run while they sleep, that's how it works for us.  They sleep when it is dark, so I don't run outdoors alone either.

Yesterday before my friends caught up with me, I made a point to take my running shoes and clothes and try out my parent's treadmill.  It was awesome. I got in 3.5miles and a solid 500calorie burn.

And April felt like the good April was back.

 And so this weekend, we will be managing to manuever Nordy out of the garage and 
will bring a new-to-me friend in his place thanks to my parents.

The question is....

What will my new friend's name be?

Mar 9, 2015

MealEnders Review and Giveaway!

One of the best things about this whole blogging world is finding new motivational people and stories, but also odd little things from the outer skirts of the inter world many people don't know about just yet.  Like getting the scoop on the next 'big' thing before its is featured in some mainstream media.  Ahh…the power of the social media world!

(sidenote: I'm not a big fan of Facebook, must be my prudish private ways)

Back to the point of the cool nuggets of information the internet and blogging has exposed me to.

Ask me a month ago and I would have made some less than positive assumptions about it.  I'd chalk it up to some alleged miracle candy meal replacement type thing.  Turns out being a cynic isn't that fun when I have to fess up.

I was contacted and given a Mealenders set of lozenges to try out and review.  So now I have to admit I was wrong.  The MealEnders have come at the perfect time for me as I realize and struggle with some cheating issues.  Not the normal cheat of a random fun size baggie of candy, but more like 'omg there are 12 fun size wrappers in my trash can at work and its only 2pm' kind of cheat.  I received the lozenges for review and immediately bagged up three of each flavor; citrus, mocha, cinnamon, and chocolate mint and threw them in my lunch bag for work.

The lozenges or mints (as I call them) are used to help trick yourself mentally that you are full.  Not with chemicals or fiber or anything, other than a psychological trigger that you are done with a meal.  When you are about 80% complete with your meal, or you are aware that you should be done, then you  pop a mint in and let the sweet outer flavor satisfy that 'dessert' type need (I do!) and then you let it slowly melt in your mouth.  The trick is that the mint then turns to a cool and tingling flavor and it truly lasts about 15-20minutes.  That 20minute delay is the perfect timing for your stomach to tell your brain, "Yes, I'm full. Stop eating now!"

The honest truth is that some of us with food issues, even emotional ones, have trouble with our brains hearing that message.  After three weeks of having these mints/lozenges on hand and using them after I do awesome with my perfectly-portion-controlled and prepped lunch to act as my dessert, but also around that 3pm grazing time.  Mindless post lunch grazing is my downfall at work, I suddenly will realize that I grazed and ate random little things from 2pm to 4pm.  But that was noticeably different since having the MealEnders on hand.  If anyone runs into me lately, I typically will have one in my pocket! It isn't a magic weightless pill, or an energy caffeine thing…it is simply what it calls itself as a Meal Ender that helps us end that meal before going overboard and end the cycle.  I love that the site, all the materials are upfront and honest that this concept is completely about the mental psyche and our habits.

For the sample and review, I received a bag of each flavor to test. I personally loved citrus and chocolate mint the best with cinnamon following.  The mocha was my least, but I'm not a mocha fan in anything.  Depending on your bad habits or needs, the bags include 25mints in each, and you can buy them individually for your flavor preferences.

But if you've read all of my rambling, then MealEnders has a gift for you (thanks to FitFluential and SweatPink) thanks to a giveaway of the same full set I received of one bag of each flavor! That is 100 lozenges for you to try out!

Simply enter the giveaway by leaving a comment below for a randomly selected winner!  
What would be your go-to flavor??
Winner will be emailed and announced on Friday.
eta: due to some twitter sync issues, this has been extended through the weekend!
winner will be announced MONDAY.

**I received the MealEnders products for free in exchange for my honest review, via my affiliation with FitFluential and as a SweatPink Ambassador**

Mar 6, 2015

Slacker checkin in (recap)

No, not really.  Just slightly overwhelmed trying to do 137.24334 things in a day/week.  You know, trying to do things that would just awesome to blog about??  but then running out of time to actually sit down and write it up.  

Instead I'm throwing them into this 'recap'

#JazzyWorkshop (2/15)
Awesome fun to meet other bloggers and people!!! And yes, she's a complete sweetheart and is the last person in the world that would say 'no' to a picture or a selfie with! She's awesome.  I didn't learn too much new stuff, other than to stop wasting my time trying to choke down my protein drinks in the mornings (no blender, remember? yuck) and just make my JazzyMush instead.

#StuntRun (2/28)
First of all, Kiddo was supposed to run this with me.  The Kids run was scheduled at 3pm, and I lucked out getting to change my wave to 1:30 so he wasn't stuck around all day with me.  But then the stinker got in trouble last week and was grounded from life pretty much.  He's holed up in a room with his books.  So sadly I had to agree that the StuntRun was 'too fun' and he had to skip out.  Luckily though, despite the kids' not getting tshirts, we ended up with one for him! So the lost entry fees at least got him a cool shirt.

That morning I got the family up and fed, then LittleOne and I trekked down to San Antonio to my parent's house for me to change and let her hang with them while I got drenched and probable pneumonia from running in the 31* misty weather.  Because of the weather, half of the stunts were closed and the other half were modified for our safety.  We'd do a rope or cargo climb up, and instead of a zip or ladder down, we'd just jump into the stunt landing pads.  Yeah, those landing pads?? Imagine it with an inch of standing water so when you land safely on your butt, the standing water then jumps up and then showers back onto you.  I'm shocked my phone survived.

starting line and obstacle

an ultra-rare full size pic in all my weather wimpy goodness...
finish line, you can't see how drenched and cold I am!
Those are the big highlights of the last two weeks that brings me to this lackluster week of activity:

Monday - My last morning attempt to revive Nordy. RIP
Tuesday - late to cardio class, did stairs and powerwalking for 35minutes (260 calorie burn)
Wednesday - Workschwerk
Thursday - The now what will be known as the infamous AustinShutDown for Ice that never happened. Snow-day with the kids. (10.5K steps, but only 90% activity)
Friday - T25 UpperFocus 

So that means today, Friday, was the first real solid workout of the week.  My body is craving a good sweat and run, but my schedule and exposure to outdoor running in cold weather makes me leery.  I do have another 5K for tomorrow, but I've had some coughing and ear pain this week (likely from the StuntRun) and haven't decided if its worth it for tomorrow in near 40*?? (yes that is cold for me!)

Since Nordy's demise, I'm struggling to get a home workout in, but my body is craving it.  I found myself doing stairs on my one flight inside the house! ha!

I am up all suggestions for home workouts!
I have found a couple from PopSugar on YouTube, but help point me to some free fun channels on YouTube or Netflix that I can get my cardio fix!

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