Mar 13, 2015

2015.5 Friday Fitness Recap

Monday: 3.5mile run = heavenly!!
Tuesday: 45minute Brazillian Sculpt
Wednesday: Insanity Max: SWEAT 
(omg this was insane hard! 400calorie burn for 40min!)
Thursday: 30min Zumba + 15minute stairs
Friday: T25 Speed 2.0 Migraine day

Yep. I worked out and despite being sore in places I forgot I had...I am lovin it!!
I had lost a lot of my arm strength in 2014, so I've been happy with the amount of pushups and arm work Brazillian and Insanity are starting to give me again. 
 Anything to help get rid of these bat wings.
 All in all, even with the last 24hours being a complete bust, I'd say it was a solid week.  I have eaten the same thing everyday too for convenience.  
This week was WW Zero Point soup and a 1pt low carb tortilla with 2oz turkey meat and 1tbsp of sriracha hummus with spinach. 
Easy peasy. Done.

I had wanted to chat more today, but alas this brain isn't up to snuff today.

Keep fingers crossed that we have a new family member come Sunday!! 
No big announcement, just Nordy's replacement.

Enjoy your weekend!
and don't forget

Oh! Turns out I had some twitter blog mishap and realized my posts weren't getting pushed.  This is good news for anyone who hadn't entered to win a total of 100 MealEnders Lozenges!
So I've extended the giveaway through the weekend and will announce the winner on Monday!

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  1. Wonderful week with the exception of the stoopid migraine! BOOO! Yay a new nordy (hopefully!)


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