Mar 9, 2015

MealEnders Review and Giveaway!

One of the best things about this whole blogging world is finding new motivational people and stories, but also odd little things from the outer skirts of the inter world many people don't know about just yet.  Like getting the scoop on the next 'big' thing before its is featured in some mainstream media.  Ahh…the power of the social media world!

(sidenote: I'm not a big fan of Facebook, must be my prudish private ways)

Back to the point of the cool nuggets of information the internet and blogging has exposed me to.

Ask me a month ago and I would have made some less than positive assumptions about it.  I'd chalk it up to some alleged miracle candy meal replacement type thing.  Turns out being a cynic isn't that fun when I have to fess up.

I was contacted and given a Mealenders set of lozenges to try out and review.  So now I have to admit I was wrong.  The MealEnders have come at the perfect time for me as I realize and struggle with some cheating issues.  Not the normal cheat of a random fun size baggie of candy, but more like 'omg there are 12 fun size wrappers in my trash can at work and its only 2pm' kind of cheat.  I received the lozenges for review and immediately bagged up three of each flavor; citrus, mocha, cinnamon, and chocolate mint and threw them in my lunch bag for work.

The lozenges or mints (as I call them) are used to help trick yourself mentally that you are full.  Not with chemicals or fiber or anything, other than a psychological trigger that you are done with a meal.  When you are about 80% complete with your meal, or you are aware that you should be done, then you  pop a mint in and let the sweet outer flavor satisfy that 'dessert' type need (I do!) and then you let it slowly melt in your mouth.  The trick is that the mint then turns to a cool and tingling flavor and it truly lasts about 15-20minutes.  That 20minute delay is the perfect timing for your stomach to tell your brain, "Yes, I'm full. Stop eating now!"

The honest truth is that some of us with food issues, even emotional ones, have trouble with our brains hearing that message.  After three weeks of having these mints/lozenges on hand and using them after I do awesome with my perfectly-portion-controlled and prepped lunch to act as my dessert, but also around that 3pm grazing time.  Mindless post lunch grazing is my downfall at work, I suddenly will realize that I grazed and ate random little things from 2pm to 4pm.  But that was noticeably different since having the MealEnders on hand.  If anyone runs into me lately, I typically will have one in my pocket! It isn't a magic weightless pill, or an energy caffeine thing…it is simply what it calls itself as a Meal Ender that helps us end that meal before going overboard and end the cycle.  I love that the site, all the materials are upfront and honest that this concept is completely about the mental psyche and our habits.

For the sample and review, I received a bag of each flavor to test. I personally loved citrus and chocolate mint the best with cinnamon following.  The mocha was my least, but I'm not a mocha fan in anything.  Depending on your bad habits or needs, the bags include 25mints in each, and you can buy them individually for your flavor preferences.

But if you've read all of my rambling, then MealEnders has a gift for you (thanks to FitFluential and SweatPink) thanks to a giveaway of the same full set I received of one bag of each flavor! That is 100 lozenges for you to try out!

Simply enter the giveaway by leaving a comment below for a randomly selected winner!  
What would be your go-to flavor??
Winner will be emailed and announced on Friday.
eta: due to some twitter sync issues, this has been extended through the weekend!
winner will be announced MONDAY.

**I received the MealEnders products for free in exchange for my honest review, via my affiliation with FitFluential and as a SweatPink Ambassador**


  1. Chocolate mint sounds having an Andes mint after a meal, ha!

    I do what I want.

  2. My go to flavor would be Cinnamon. :D I just love that flavor. I have not yet tried these products but have heard great things about them. I follow you on bloglovin too! Hope to win! Thank you for the opportunity.

  3. Either mocha or mint are what I would go for!


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