Mar 23, 2015

Over a coffee mug.....

You can find the coolest people.
Simply over a cup of coffee or tea...and chatting about coffee mugs!

The last couple weeks I've gotten to know a new friend thanks to Kallie at But First,Coffee
Kallie throughout the year hosts a mugswap for her fellow coffee mug happy friends.  This is where I found myself randomly paired with Kristine and Bentley.

Confession?  I immediately knew which blog was hers when I saw her email on the random pairing! How can you forget a blog name and imagery of Breakfast with Bentley  ! We exchanged emails for the last couple weeks and got to know each other quickly.

Not sure if Kallie did this on purpose, but she brought together a girl from Texas and a girl from New York!?! An avid SPURS fan talking with a New Yorker?  Kristine is probably glad we didn't even venture into the world of basketball talk, I realize she knows the game! haha!  (then she surely would appreciate my love for my SPURS, right??)

No worries, I didn't send any SPURS paraphernalia  to rub it in, but I did think to earn brownie points by sending treats along for Bentley in addition to Kristine! ha!

I guess I got lucky because she didn't send me anything NY related (although a real bagel would have been nice, I mean if I'm going to suffer for some gluten and carbs I want the real deal!)

Instead I now have the perfect evening tea mug.

Why is it perfect?
Oh because it is an OWL.
 also?  I happen to now have an OWL tea infuser to make my own personal mug of homemade tea.

Green Bullet Chinese loose green tea
and add in two large mint leaves outside of the infuser.
Go now....try it
(owl mug not required)
and then thank my Hubs for teaching me the love of Moroccan mint tea.

You can visit to see what goodies I shared with her and say "hi" to Bentley for me!

This was my second mugswap and have found two great new friends and blogs thanks to Kallie! 

If you are interested, you can find out more on IG using #bfcmugswap and find others who had fun meeting new people over the love of coffee mugs!

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