Mar 10, 2015

What I realized....

I did something for myself yesterday.

I took an "April" day. Scheduled it last week for a day off for myself, a day where friends happened to be flying into San Antonio and I happened to be able to enjoy a three hour visit with.  Friends who happen to also be on this warped journey for 'self-improvement' in more than just fitness measurements.

Know what else I got to do?

I got a good, sweaty, overly needed and craved, RUN.

I still struggle with that title; a runner.

If you have read this little blog for awhile then you know I am a treadmill runner, I prefer it for my tailbone and my hips.  I do the outdoor runs for 'charity' races and for my 'official' status, but truly I am happy just to hop on the treadmill and get a solid sweat and miles under my belt for the sake of ME. My mental health as well as my physical health.

So when I had to pronounce Nordy's death, it hurt.  I didn't realize how far I've come with the mental game of running.  Nordy has been either in my garage or in our gym room in three houses in the last 13years.  Nordy may have gotten dusty for a couple months at a time...okay, probably a 1/3 of the years he was dusty and not used.  He forgave me though because I always came back and kept on trying.

I made it two weeks without Nordy.  Luckily I had the obstacle course on 2/28 but then the 3/7 local run was my first ever DNR (did not run) due to last minute Hubs schedule changes.  I got cranky and down last week.  At the time I didn't realize why, but I did know that I didn't have my outlet. Before anyone reminds me of the great outdoors...the reality of outdoor running during the week is downright laughable due to our family schedule and availability.  I run while they sleep, that's how it works for us.  They sleep when it is dark, so I don't run outdoors alone either.

Yesterday before my friends caught up with me, I made a point to take my running shoes and clothes and try out my parent's treadmill.  It was awesome. I got in 3.5miles and a solid 500calorie burn.

And April felt like the good April was back.

 And so this weekend, we will be managing to manuever Nordy out of the garage and 
will bring a new-to-me friend in his place thanks to my parents.

The question is....

What will my new friend's name be?


  1. Yay! Glad you are getting in replacement runs too and that you have a backup in place at your parents!

  2. I'm so glad you have a replacement coming! Mine is on her last legs, UGH!!! I'm with ya, I'm a primarily treadmiller too, love running outdoors, but where we are its very hilly, so I usually drive into town...

    I think his name should be miller....just sayin. :)


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