Apr 2, 2015

Friday thoughts.....

I've been rather anti-social this past week.  I can't quite put my finger on it, but it is in person as well as online, so nobody get their panties worked up....
I'm being quiet in all forms of communication lately.
  I received some nice texts from friends and it prompted a less than flattering IG selfie to prove that I'm alive and well.

I have been trying my best to keep up with myself.  Does that make sense? 
 I mean to say that I haven't given up on me, my improvements, my running (okay that one maybe), but that I've not handled some re-balancing acts to keep them all up and going fullsteam.

Losing Nordy and the routine of 4am wakeup calls threw my mojo off again. 
Seeing the scale this year not moving threw my mojo off again.
Being cranky about the thrown mojo pushed me out of sorts as well.

My recent funk, I truly think is a result of Nordy and my lack of any solid run in a full month.

There, I've confessed it.
I haven't had a real run, treadmill or out, since 2/28. Frick, that's more than a month.

My weight has been in a stalemate for the most part.
I'm exactly where I was in January.
I've lost, gained, relost, regained in the normal amounts of 2 or 3 pounds....
but I'm right where I am.

But regardless of that stupid number, I am in need of therapy.
Ha. So the name of "Professor" is rather suiting isn't it?

I hope that Hubs and I can come to an agreed schedule to let me return to my 'therapy.'  

to my Happy Place.


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