Apr 28, 2015

Frizz be gone! (Product Review)

Last week or so I actually put my face back out there in the interworlds with a discreet request for 'polite input' regarding an annoying decision I face every year.  

I think 97.43% of all women go through it, the spectrum of the hair conundrum:

"Oh my gosh I hate my hair, chop it all off!!!"

"oh wait, good hair day....awww, I want to keep this length!"
My lady knows that when she sees my name on her schedule that it is a true cut and just a 'trim,' so I always have to have an idea.  I don't know why I stress about it, because frankly it always ends up the same.  That's the double-edge sword of semi-straight hair in a humid city.  No matter the cut, it ends up either a long poofy mess or a short poofy mess. But this year was harder than most thanks to Influenster.

Last month I got to reduce my poofiness thanks to a sample received for Jadore Dessange Oleo Miracle shampoo, conditioner AND a conditioning oil.   (links to Amazon, but not affiliate...just convenient)

Woah. I did a survey prior to it and they (Influenster) figured out what I needed instantly. That or they saw a picture? #sadbuttrue  and sent me the set for 'damaged' hair.  My hair is actually very healthy, but I do iron it about once a week and I do color, so the facts are there despite my denial.

First things first, this entire line smells FABULOUS.  And I'm very sensitive to smells!  It has a wonderful smell, but can be overwhelming if you use all three products together.  After a mention from Hubs about the smell, I broke the system apart and use them independently of each other to minimize the smell but still reap the benefits of the argan, camellia and pracaxi oils.  My hair frizzy woes were nominal while I used the system. 

Being the practical chick that I am, after getting my hair all shiny and smooth...I've rotated in my normal shampoo and conditioner, and use the Dessange products as needed. The conditioning oil is used on Sunday nights before I iron my hair on Monday mornings.  That's it.  All is better since I've added the Dessange products into the rotation.  I'm glad that I received them as they are more pricey than I would typically spend to try a product.  I will likely buy my own oil after this full size sample is gone as I'm loving the oil!

If you gave some input on Instagram, then you know that I was tempted with bangs and shorter. I did go through with it, but my hair has rejected the bang concept and have already burrowed themselves back in.  Add in some fresh root coverage and I'm ready now to let this mom haircut grow out an inch or two before I like the cut. 

Let's close with a PSA: Do your roots people
 The ombre look at home is simply outgrown roots. 
 If you want to try the trendy thing that is already out of style,'ombre,' pay for it!
(but the truth is that we all will just see you growing out your roots even if you say it is in 'style.')

*These products were sent to be sampled in exchange for my honest review from Influenster*


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