Apr 24, 2015

from the grave...

A blogging break mode includes more than just a lack of blogging. There is a full hermit step program to follow.
  1. Quietly disappear self - check
  2. Slowly stop commenting on other blogs - check
  3. Update blogreader to drop fellow non-posting bloggers - check
  4. Stop reading other blogs that remind you of your blogging days - check

So returning into the blogging mode, which for me is hopefully the return of the "April focusing on her exercise and health" mode .... it feels the same as if coming back from the dead.  No worries my friends, I've reactivated my readers and am going to focus on other blogs and commenting better!! 

It is "Friday" which formerly was my Fitness Friday recap, but right now that can be summed up in one sentence rather than an official 'recap.'  No worries, this just means next week will no doubt have a 100% increase in productivity!Positive thinking, ya see?

My recent habits recapped here for ya: I hit my 14K steps (which is my 100% on my polarLoop) only twice in the last seven days.  Hey, all about the honesty.

So instead of wasting more time blogging about my non-activity, I'm working my way out of the hole and into everyone else's blogs to catch up.

Since the mention of vampires, my mind went to only two places.  

My first and favorite vamp of Lestat.  
Read the books people!!
Don't rely on Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, 
truly read the books if you haven't already. 

and of course to pay homage to a more recent development in Vampire lore....
I leave you with a visual to take to the BOOKS for TrueBlood, 
the Sookie Stackhouse Series (there are differences).
Now that you've enjoyed some fitness inspiration....

I will venture into your blog world and leave you for the weekend.


  1. hahaha...I love your full hermit steps guide. That is so me!

  2. OMG! I love the Lestat meme! I saw another one that was like Lestat asking Louis, "Why are they sparkling?" It was hilarious. I'm just now getting into True Blood and am hooked. I tried reading the books a long time ago and couldn't get into them so I'm so glad I finally tried the show. It's addicting! I'm Team Eric though all the way. That is one fine piece of man errr vampire. lol I'm only on Season 4 right now so I try to avoid all discussions of it online and off. Don't want any spoilers.


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