Apr 23, 2015

"In an IV drip"....#coffeemyway

It isn't a secret if you follow my IG account.

Truthfully my love affair with the nectar of the gods didn't start until I was close to 30. 
I was an iced-tea for breakfast caffeine kinda girl for most of my life. 
But then something flipped for me and the random late afternoon sweet coffee started to seep into my mornings. 
 Perhaps that is how any addiction starts?
Dunno....don't care, as this is really my only vice. I love it. 
pssstt: I think I owe a lot of my weight loss to the introduction of coffee
It doesn't take much excuse for me to want a cup. 
Except for summertime....but maybe, just maybe...this year
 I'll figure out how to love it iced! and without the good stuff.
I think coffee has helped my personality around work,
 for the better or worse is yet to be determined though.

I typically use my IG for any showcasing of my love affair with coffee, but it seemed to get the attention of a campaign for #coffeemyway from Wayfair.  Basically an excuse to verbally share my love of coffee, cool.  Now everyone can go on and on like Bubba *reference check* about the many ways to love coffee, but I won't.  I'm going to keep it really simple.

Let's start with the go-to, everyday...Monday through Friday work routine:
Old school American drip coffee pot + HEB Classic Roast + powder =
 Your typical office coffee fanfare.
Boring and old school, but I add in a dash of vanilla, real vanilla into for some foofoo.

But the fun stuff? The days we all look forward to?
Keurig + Community Coffee French Roast + Cinnamon Creamer =
 Weekend Morning wakeup shot of heaven

and the mommy thing....coffee is a requirement.
Anyone else? Who else wants to share the way they enjoy or love their coffee?
Follow along #coffeemyway to see how many other like minded brilliant people are out there!

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