May 29, 2015

A Monday Double-Whammy

Does everyone realize what next week is??

 June 1st.
and it falls on a Monday.

You know what this means....

Last night I met with my free 'trainer' at the Y to get me setup on their WOD software.  ActiveTrax? The plan is I will return to the 5amclub (or more like the 4:45-5:30club for me) and hit the machines and weights or whatever is on the schedule that the computer spits out at me. Then utilize my lunch cardio classes at work for double-days at least three times a week.  I've heard it is either a love or hate thing, but I NEED someone or some computer to spit out a workout for me for the day. 

Meeting #1 = It was mildy annoying, but a necessary evil. I had to chat with 'Jeff,' a blonde trim 29yr old certified trainer.  Smart that he started with my goals in mind, why was I there.
"lose 20 pounds and get some definition instead of lumps."
He's happy that I'm reasonable and not setting myself out as a fitness competitor or anything extreme (its not for me...I'm too damn modest) and then he busts out the scale, measuring tape and the dreaded body fat machine.  Sigh.
So I have my starting numbers and stuff.  woohoo. #sarcasm
We then did a tour of all the cardio machines and the stretching protocols....and set me up for my next appointment on Monday night to get setup for the weights and machines where I do a baseline.

Next Monday is Meeting#2,
 my official day1 on program...
.on June 1st on a Monday.
Then Meeting#3 is supposed to be 30days later, one month to see what the program is doing for me by repeating those same measurements, body fat and scale.  My brain interprets that as: 30 days, lets hit this hard and see what really can happen!

(Insert Jasmine and her darn Instagram influence)
 Typing quick before I change my mind:
I'll be joining Jasmine in trying the Whole30 Challenge.
My only concern is my love of the Pink Stuff (aspertame baby!) and peanut butter.
The rest is all good.
I'm hoping this little additional change to my food intake will help kickstart this whole 20lb quest.
(I already made babysteps today with only one single cup of coffee...)

Anyone else taking adantage of the double-whammy for rule of starting programs/challenges on Mondays or the new month?

Have a great weekend!
Obviously this weekend I will be doing some meal prep and grocery shopping!

May 27, 2015

Soaking wet....but safe

Texas does everything big right? That's the cliche at least.

So when it rains?
San Marcos, TX
about every 15years or so?
downtown Austin.....blocks from Hub's work.
It's bad.
Austin - 15th and Lamar

We are in the county area of both tornado and horrific losses due to the flooding.
 San Marcos and Wimberley are both within a 15minute drive from me in different directions.

Right now? While it mists outside yet again....
We are safe and dry.
And praying for all our neighbors' safety.

May 22, 2015


Currently....I'm sore. 
So very sore. 
I'd like to thank the academy....I mean; ShawnT, Jillian, and Hubs! 
 For giving me the oomph in the last ten days again.
Sore and I love it. (will share this week on Monday)

Currently....I'm ignoring the now determined tendinitis in both feet.  lalalalala...I can't hear you doc!
No not really, I am following my doctor (who happens to be a marathoner) instructions of ibuprofen, stretching, and cross training....but that I can in fact run when I'm up for it.

Currently...I'm a hypocrite about an earlier post about breaking up with MFP.  I've been tracking again.  I started back with partial tracking a couple months ago....but now it is almost a competition with Hubs. Our goals of the same of firming up and losing some fluff.  I imagine his fluff will be muscles again by the end of May, while mine will trickle away for the next decade.


And last
Currently...I'm geeked out that I have a new gym swipe-thingy on my key chain!!  This is where I thanked Hubs for his contribution to the new 'oomph' to my routine!  We are now proud family members of the local YMCA.  The kids get pool access and lessons while mom and dad get their muscles on. 

Have a great weekend everyone!
 I know my oomph is back when I checked out the gym hours on Monday. yess!

May 12, 2015

Glug glug glug...

I've slowly ventured back to some activity and so far I'm on the upward swing and still wanting to do more! eat better and workout harder.

Last week was nice enough. I set myself two goals for the week.
One was to reach an overall average of at least a weekly activity goal at 100%  + 
the other goal?  To increase my water intake.

Not just drink water, but to bump up from my habit of 132oz and go for the full gusto. 
The big cumbah...going hardcore?  
Yep. I'm a dbag carrying my gallon jug at work.

All last week I was able to successfully drink the full gallon before leaving work for the day!
 Let's break this down with reality check:
7am - 9am = coffee time, two large cups.
9am - 4pm = gallon of water.

I realized I was pretty close anyway, but it couldn't hurt to bump it up abit since the weather shifted upward already.  No worries, nobody jump on any snarktrain.  I honestly can't remember a day without hitting 100-120oz daily in the last two decades of living in Texas.
 I've always been well hydrated.  The days I know I don't? I can feel it.  

My walking goal was not met thanks to the pointless and inefficient meetings last week
and then a craptastic busy Saturday. 

Oh well, I also didn't weigh myself last week a single time.

no...not really.
 (this week is already different with the scale twice and I managed to hit a cardio class....bonus is that I didn't die!)

May 6, 2015

The "Booty" of the beholder?

Today's post may be out of my norm, but I awoke to see all the hubbub about this week's Met Gala where fashion and class is supposed to shine.  Perhaps I'm becoming old or my modesty is showing through here,  or I lack a true sense of fashion....but all the talk was of the 'booties.'  
source: cdn inquisitor

Congratulations three are wearing less clothes than Madonna and Miley Cyrus.

Miss Kim, the most famous booty babe. 
This is not a flattering angle whatsoever for anyone, but no.  I love your curves, but you do not have to try so hard.  Kanye is a joke in fashion and do not let him dress you up. The man only knows how to wear black on black and a lack of a smile.  White and sheer does not do your darker complexion well.  I would prefer you in something similar to Kendall's green dress with your hair in a slick down hair or one of your famous buns.

Kim = Just no. Make it emerald green with darker sheer.
Miss Beyonce', please stop. 
Both of you stop...there is absolutely no need for grown ass women to be showing off their ass just to get the world talking. Self respect folks!  And your "I dream of Jeannie" pony makes you seem like a 14yr old teenager trying to look grownup and sexy.  You are a fabulously healthy woman, a please spare us the need to compete with other booty women who all come off desperate for the booty attention.
Miss Jennifer (because I refuse to refer to you as JLo), 
While you may win in the best booty dress competition, my rant to you is the same as Beyonce', why must you even compete. Styling was spot on with the hair and complete look. The color was perfect, and girl you got the bod. Nobody will ever take that away from you.  But it isn't necessary, this is your booty world and Beyonce and Kim are just trying to play in it, they know who runs the booty world.
source: Huffington Post
Women, all of you, the young, the older, the thicker or matter who you are:
Please keep your dignity and stop competing to out-do each other and become the beauties you truly are within yourself.  Do not demean yourself and your wonderful bodies to that of what you think or perceive the world expects of you. Change the expectations of others, do not play into it.  
You are stronger than that.

Danes and Tiegen are both showing side-boob and look respectable.  Take notes ladies, there is the right way and wrong way to do daring fashion and not look like a competing teenager.

*This is the most judgy post I've ever written....must need more coffee*

May 4, 2015

Baby steps and an adult weekend....

with Hubs! Kidfree and fancyfree
Well, and a few other favorites of mine...
I had taken off on Friday to do the Mom thing to watch Kiddo in his first track meet....Hubs suddenly got *cough* sick and came home.  Just in time for a 2pm showing of Thor, I mean the Avengers.
Then on Saturday after dropping off the kiddos at my parents' house for the night, we went out for our ultra rare date night of sushi.  It was your typical stereotypes in reverse with me being the one with my phone on the table refreshing every so often to catch the score of Game 7. wasn't to be, but I still love all my boys. (Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard)
After sushi and my now bummed attitude from the Spurs loss, we headed to a friend's to watch the highly anticipated fight, which much like my Spurs, left me disappointed. 

No worries, Sunday morning...still taking advantage of the kidfree day, we got on the motorcycle and went for breakfast.  Somehow breakfast ended up about 80miles away! Ha. It was a gorgeous day, so it was perfect and we ended up logging in almost 400 miles across central Texas.  Breakfast was in Marble Falls, lunch in Fredericksburg, and the afternoon working ourselves back to home just in time to trek to San Antonio (by car!) for the kidlet exchange. Whew! Whirlwind, but very nice!

Last week when I took the babystep into this healthy habits and blogging thing again was something I didn't write out ahead of time, but rather my itty bitty internal goal.  
And I consider it accomplished.
No official work outs.
No running.
Not even any tennis shoes put on.
Simply the goal of walking during my day at work.
(And 132oz of water daily.)
Truthfully I hadn't seen a week with an average over 100% since 
February with running 12miles a week.  
*here's hoping to the doc signing off on my foot this week to start slowly back
....I miss my running time*

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