May 29, 2015

A Monday Double-Whammy

Does everyone realize what next week is??

 June 1st.
and it falls on a Monday.

You know what this means....

Last night I met with my free 'trainer' at the Y to get me setup on their WOD software.  ActiveTrax? The plan is I will return to the 5amclub (or more like the 4:45-5:30club for me) and hit the machines and weights or whatever is on the schedule that the computer spits out at me. Then utilize my lunch cardio classes at work for double-days at least three times a week.  I've heard it is either a love or hate thing, but I NEED someone or some computer to spit out a workout for me for the day. 

Meeting #1 = It was mildy annoying, but a necessary evil. I had to chat with 'Jeff,' a blonde trim 29yr old certified trainer.  Smart that he started with my goals in mind, why was I there.
"lose 20 pounds and get some definition instead of lumps."
He's happy that I'm reasonable and not setting myself out as a fitness competitor or anything extreme (its not for me...I'm too damn modest) and then he busts out the scale, measuring tape and the dreaded body fat machine.  Sigh.
So I have my starting numbers and stuff.  woohoo. #sarcasm
We then did a tour of all the cardio machines and the stretching protocols....and set me up for my next appointment on Monday night to get setup for the weights and machines where I do a baseline.

Next Monday is Meeting#2,
 my official day1 on program...
.on June 1st on a Monday.
Then Meeting#3 is supposed to be 30days later, one month to see what the program is doing for me by repeating those same measurements, body fat and scale.  My brain interprets that as: 30 days, lets hit this hard and see what really can happen!

(Insert Jasmine and her darn Instagram influence)
 Typing quick before I change my mind:
I'll be joining Jasmine in trying the Whole30 Challenge.
My only concern is my love of the Pink Stuff (aspertame baby!) and peanut butter.
The rest is all good.
I'm hoping this little additional change to my food intake will help kickstart this whole 20lb quest.
(I already made babysteps today with only one single cup of coffee...)

Anyone else taking adantage of the double-whammy for rule of starting programs/challenges on Mondays or the new month?

Have a great weekend!
Obviously this weekend I will be doing some meal prep and grocery shopping!


  1. Oh wow good luck with the Whole 30! I've heard and seen some really good results from it! And you are at a good starting point at the Y. You can do it!

  2. Haha!! Just catching up on my blog reading! You can do it!!


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