May 4, 2015

Baby steps and an adult weekend....

with Hubs! Kidfree and fancyfree
Well, and a few other favorites of mine...
I had taken off on Friday to do the Mom thing to watch Kiddo in his first track meet....Hubs suddenly got *cough* sick and came home.  Just in time for a 2pm showing of Thor, I mean the Avengers.
Then on Saturday after dropping off the kiddos at my parents' house for the night, we went out for our ultra rare date night of sushi.  It was your typical stereotypes in reverse with me being the one with my phone on the table refreshing every so often to catch the score of Game 7. wasn't to be, but I still love all my boys. (Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Kawhi Leonard)
After sushi and my now bummed attitude from the Spurs loss, we headed to a friend's to watch the highly anticipated fight, which much like my Spurs, left me disappointed. 

No worries, Sunday morning...still taking advantage of the kidfree day, we got on the motorcycle and went for breakfast.  Somehow breakfast ended up about 80miles away! Ha. It was a gorgeous day, so it was perfect and we ended up logging in almost 400 miles across central Texas.  Breakfast was in Marble Falls, lunch in Fredericksburg, and the afternoon working ourselves back to home just in time to trek to San Antonio (by car!) for the kidlet exchange. Whew! Whirlwind, but very nice!

Last week when I took the babystep into this healthy habits and blogging thing again was something I didn't write out ahead of time, but rather my itty bitty internal goal.  
And I consider it accomplished.
No official work outs.
No running.
Not even any tennis shoes put on.
Simply the goal of walking during my day at work.
(And 132oz of water daily.)
Truthfully I hadn't seen a week with an average over 100% since 
February with running 12miles a week.  
*here's hoping to the doc signing off on my foot this week to start slowly back
....I miss my running time*

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