May 22, 2015


Currently....I'm sore. 
So very sore. 
I'd like to thank the academy....I mean; ShawnT, Jillian, and Hubs! 
 For giving me the oomph in the last ten days again.
Sore and I love it. (will share this week on Monday)

Currently....I'm ignoring the now determined tendinitis in both feet.  lalalalala...I can't hear you doc!
No not really, I am following my doctor (who happens to be a marathoner) instructions of ibuprofen, stretching, and cross training....but that I can in fact run when I'm up for it.

Currently...I'm a hypocrite about an earlier post about breaking up with MFP.  I've been tracking again.  I started back with partial tracking a couple months ago....but now it is almost a competition with Hubs. Our goals of the same of firming up and losing some fluff.  I imagine his fluff will be muscles again by the end of May, while mine will trickle away for the next decade.


And last
Currently...I'm geeked out that I have a new gym swipe-thingy on my key chain!!  This is where I thanked Hubs for his contribution to the new 'oomph' to my routine!  We are now proud family members of the local YMCA.  The kids get pool access and lessons while mom and dad get their muscles on. 

Have a great weekend everyone!
 I know my oomph is back when I checked out the gym hours on Monday. yess!

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