May 27, 2015

Soaking wet....but safe

Texas does everything big right? That's the cliche at least.

So when it rains?
San Marcos, TX
about every 15years or so?
downtown Austin.....blocks from Hub's work.
It's bad.
Austin - 15th and Lamar

We are in the county area of both tornado and horrific losses due to the flooding.
 San Marcos and Wimberley are both within a 15minute drive from me in different directions.

Right now? While it mists outside yet again....
We are safe and dry.
And praying for all our neighbors' safety.


  1. Oh gosh I have been thinking about you too. I'm glad y'all are safe and no damage. Hoping this rain will finally quit. Seems like we are getting all of the April showers in May!

  2. Monday was so scary! Glad y'all are safe.


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