Jun 30, 2015

Book Review: The Devil Drinks Coffee

Remember that time the doctors pretty much yelled at me to stop running and to "take it easy?" 

I did listen, well sorta....
I picked up my Kindle and yanked a bunch of quick reads from my mom's cloud. 
Hey, when the woman gifts me a Paperwhite Kindle and sets it up on her Amazon Prime account? Who am I to argue? Right? 
 In fairness to her credit...I try to read a few of her type of books to balance out 
all the crime, gore, and supernatural I typically read.

I've not shared reviews on my own blog, but I have several book reviewing friends who love reviews and other readers opinions.

Today you can find my review of The Devil Drinks Coffee over at my friends Jacque and DeAnna's joint blog, Two Moms Reading  where they read like madwomen and review for everyone to enjoy new authors or genres..  They typically are more young adult and early adult genre with romance (or some smut), so this quick read was perfect over at Two Moms Reading.

If interested in other book reviews, let me know and I'll share them here as well!
But in the meantime, visit Jacque and DeAnna and see all their great reviews of newer authors you may not have heard about.

(yes, the title is what sucked me in! hello? coffee?)

Jun 29, 2015

Last Monday of June

For all intents and purposes, the month of June and my Whole30(ish) plan is supposedly coming to an end.  Okay, well June will end no matter what I say or do, I'm not that powerful.  I imagine I'd be the world's most favorited person by all the kids who are wanting summer to last forever, all but mine. My soon-to-be middle schooler is ready to roll into the new school and keeps asking how many weeks are left of summer in anticipation.

But back to me...on a Monday. Technically the last Monday of my Whole30 if I were just sticking to the original 'month of June' idea.  But then I went and mentioned that I'd make up for the 10day vacation where we did follow program as close as possible, but to be fair stick it out for the additional ten days.  And you know what?  I'm not really stressing about it.  I won't toot my own horn quite yet because, well I'm not done...but I'm feeling pretty good.
Since returning from vacation, I've had a big work thing monopolizing my time so much that I feel guilty for using my lunch hour for my cardio class. 
But but but....last week was on point!  Started back on the 5amclub grind, thanks to the new gym membership and the strength program I got set up.  Plus!  Because I sacrificed my lunchtime cardio last week, I got it done early and got to jump back today, and we all know hitting it on Mondays is always a great sign for a great week.
Not really ever possible, however I'm working on some guns and trying to slim down the saddlebags (if possible).  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday had me doing weights and I hit my cardio daily goal with basic walking and speedracing laps in my house at 10pm when I realized that I wouldn't hit my numbers.  Any other fitbit/polar/monitoring people do the same. Admit it.

Tuesday and Thursday I jumped back onto the treadmill and started running again.  Woah. Take three months off from that and I've lost all the speed I'd gained.  I am going slow though and working with a friend to help my form for my hips and the tendonitis in my feet.
I will do an end-of-month weighin and measurements for June for routine, 
but plan to keep up the Whole30ish for the additional 10days.

Here's to another great week!! Its a short one for me!
 What about ya'll?

Jun 24, 2015

Damage report, Scotty!

*I meant for this to be out on Monday morning....which of course didn't go as planned.

Have no fear!  No, I have not reverted back to my non-blogging status of last month, but rather am just crunched for time between kicking booty with all this clean whole30ish type eat, hitting those 5am workouts again (yeah!!) and a minor crisis at work.  That's what I get for taking my first vacation in ten years, right? 

No worries people.

12 days without exercise?
2 days of 11hour road trips?
Small condo sized kitchen?
Limited perishables?

Weight maintained. 

I'll try to recap my first week back 100% on this Friday.

Jun 18, 2015

Road tripping with Whole30(ish)

Don't be alarmed....but I am alive...and semi-refreshed from our first real vacation in ten years.

Nothing schmancy, but a legit whole week off from work
(at a less than perfect time of course) where both Hubs and I turned our cell phones OFF??

Okay, well not really...but we did turn off the syncing to avoid work emails and that it huge for both of us.  We both had to use our phones for our MFP tracking (his is some other software on his Gear S?) to stay on semi-track while lounging out in Ruidoso NM.

It wasn't easy, but I think we did okay!  I will do my first post vacation weigh-in tomorrow to see how bad or good I did, but I know that we made every effort to be reasonable and stay on point as much as possible given our options when travelling.  Let me just say that me doing Whole30 type meals and snacking is not easy when we have a 11hour road trip but I tried my best.

For me I prepped quart size baggies of grapes and baby carrots.
Two snack size baggies of grape or cherry tomatoes.
Two snack size baggies of raw almonds.
Two snack size baggies of plantain chips.
Two large green apples
Two large red apples (I make 2-3 servings out of each apple during the week)
Hubs managed with protein bars and almonds for the road trip. (He isn't doing Whole30)
The kids had the good stuff of course of dry cereal, squeeze fruit, pretzels and vanilla wafers.

Listing it like that makes me look like the cooler hog. ha! 
They all joined in on my goodies, so I couldn't complain too much.
Since we had a condo for the week, we wanted to try to cook and eat at the house at least 50% of the time, not just for the costs, but so we could enjoy the other eating ventures outside our routine. 
We made it quick and easy for breakfasts with alternating mornings of egg tacos or oatmeal.  Both of which were not Whole30 approved, but I felt they were as good as I could do.  I skipped on cheese and used tabasco instead to mask those pesky eggs and I used gobs of cinnamon and raw almonds instead of sugar or honey in my oatmeal.  Baby steps, right?

For the lunches and dinners we just ate the same things over and over. 
One batch of turkey chili and we used the grill once and loaded up on chicken. 
Grilled chicken with grilled corn and a big green salad
Grilled chicken on top of green salad
Grilled chicken sautéed and spiced up with steamed broccoli
Grilled chicken chopped and scrambled with eggs

Did I stick to Whole30ish?
I tried my best and would give myself a B+

We returned to the soggy home in Texas (more flooding) late Wednesday night.
Today?  Thursday, the first day back.
Gallon of water - done
One cup of coffee - done
Whole30 choices - done
No slips, no vacation induced carryover....nothing.
Back on task just like before, but for fairness to myself I will claim today as Day1.
But truth be told....I'm enjoying the real food instead of protein powders and such.

Jun 3, 2015

On The Table: Week1 of "Whole30-ish" ideas

During this stint with my Whole30 (don't forget the 'ish') plan, I've been stalking all the appropriate hashtags to get some ideas for variety that not only meets my needs but at least Hubs as well while he's leaning down.  I think the whole men versus women's metabolism whiney post is warranted already, but I'll bite my tongue for now.

Meal prepped on Sunday: 
Egg muffins for breakfasts
Pre-portioned fruits and veggies for snacking
Pre-portioned out raw nuts
Large salad
Browned a pound of ground turkey

So the more interesting things are what are for dinners as a family.  
Hubs has a target calorie intake of more than twice of mine, 
(result? he is drinking quite a bit of protein shakes when I give him the hangry glare)

Alright, for lunches this week I get to have one of my favorite lowcarb lunches simply without the cheese stick and sriracha.  Ground turkey with green beans and scrambled eggs.  I have started using dried red pepper flakes and ground chili powder to help keep things zesty for me!

I'm very lucky that I actually prefer to cook one or two things and then eat them all week long. I know most people get bored or need to shake things up to keep them from cheating.  Monday I made chicken spaghetti with zucchini and mushrooms added to the sauce. The boys ate whole wheat noodles while the girls had spaghetti squash.  That and the prepped salad for everyone.

Tuesday was a crockpot chicken dish that almost failed.  It originally was a sweet potato and chicken BBQ type thing that I ended up having to shred the meat and smush the potatoes to make it like pulled chicken sandwiches for the kids. 

Hubs and I had a tilapia and shrimp dish that I tweaked from Good Cheap Eats.  Ironically it was a pasta dish, but I did a roasted cauliflower and tossed the shrimp and tilapia (which crumbled up nicely) with the excess sauce.  The sauce was so easy and quick!! I simply added some extra cumin and turmeric.

Tonight will a basic grilled chicken breast with a veggie fritata (crustless of course)

Fridays are my night off and it is leftover night! Likely spaghetti and squash for Hubs and I and the kids will get to have Kid Friday of grilled cheese or something simple and well loved.

Any great recipes or ideas to share to keep things quick and easy around this family?

Jun 1, 2015

On second thought....

I may have to claim temporary insanity last week.

Okay, maybe it isn't temporary, but my 'announcement' of it made my insanity more prominent.  In case you missed it, I may or maynot have announced that I was going to try my hand at this whole Whole30 bandwagon thing.

Truth is, I do eat clean 90% of the time.  I have three little vices that I outlined last week:

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: No sugar, no fake stuff, no honey...got it. **

CHECK: I don't drink alcohol and cannot stand the lingering taste when cooked so I don't use it.

CHECK: Being low-carb and gluten sensitive, I've all but eliminated most grains.  For the next 30days for me to adhere to this I will remove my beloved rice-cakes, oats, and the occasional corn tortillas.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: One of the biggest components of WW is fiber, fiber, and more fiber. Add in my personal history of my single days aka 'my vegetarian times.' This will difficult, but I will do this with the one caveat - Clean almond butter from the grinder machines is 100% just almonds has been acquired to replace my peanut butter.

CHECK: MSG.  Again, already done. We have been MSG free for almost 7years due to Hub's migraines as it is a trigger. 

CHALLENGE MODIFIED: Since I am lactose intolerant, this 'no dairy' is fairly easy to follow.  The only dairy I do use is nominal cheese (cheese stick) and the splash of dairy creamer in my morning coffee. 

**MODIFICATIONS:  This makes the whole Whole30 a moot point, doesn't it?  Hear me out then laugh at me, k?

This past weekend I actually previewed and starting making baby steps. 
I haven't had any peanut butter since last Wednesday and I've survived.  I didn't have any grains at all this weekend.

My coffee?  My plan was to wean to avoid any migraine issues.  Last Thursday and Friday I limited myself to only one large cup of morning coffee.  Saturday I had but one single small cup.  And Sunday I delayed it as long as possible and replaced with black tea that was nominally sipped. 

Here is where I could insert a chart reflecting the correlation to my migraine incidents if I was to take the time to chart it. Yeah...yesterday wasn't a pretty day around me.

My modification is simply that I be allowed my morning coffee, but not a second cup...or the afternoon cup.

ONE 10oz cup of coffee
ONE sweet-n-low in said coffee
ONE splash of creamer (1/2 tbsp...I already do measure it)

All other components of Whole30 is all good to go.

Shall I be honest and use the #Whole30ish tag instead? 
*This modification is brought to you by the sane April that does will not require the use of prescription drugs.
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