Jun 1, 2015

On second thought....

I may have to claim temporary insanity last week.

Okay, maybe it isn't temporary, but my 'announcement' of it made my insanity more prominent.  In case you missed it, I may or maynot have announced that I was going to try my hand at this whole Whole30 bandwagon thing.

Truth is, I do eat clean 90% of the time.  I have three little vices that I outlined last week:

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: No sugar, no fake stuff, no honey...got it. **

CHECK: I don't drink alcohol and cannot stand the lingering taste when cooked so I don't use it.

CHECK: Being low-carb and gluten sensitive, I've all but eliminated most grains.  For the next 30days for me to adhere to this I will remove my beloved rice-cakes, oats, and the occasional corn tortillas.

CHALLENGE ACCEPTED: One of the biggest components of WW is fiber, fiber, and more fiber. Add in my personal history of my single days aka 'my vegetarian times.' This will difficult, but I will do this with the one caveat - Clean almond butter from the grinder machines is 100% just almonds has been acquired to replace my peanut butter.

CHECK: MSG.  Again, already done. We have been MSG free for almost 7years due to Hub's migraines as it is a trigger. 

CHALLENGE MODIFIED: Since I am lactose intolerant, this 'no dairy' is fairly easy to follow.  The only dairy I do use is nominal cheese (cheese stick) and the splash of dairy creamer in my morning coffee. 

**MODIFICATIONS:  This makes the whole Whole30 a moot point, doesn't it?  Hear me out then laugh at me, k?

This past weekend I actually previewed and starting making baby steps. 
I haven't had any peanut butter since last Wednesday and I've survived.  I didn't have any grains at all this weekend.

My coffee?  My plan was to wean to avoid any migraine issues.  Last Thursday and Friday I limited myself to only one large cup of morning coffee.  Saturday I had but one single small cup.  And Sunday I delayed it as long as possible and replaced with black tea that was nominally sipped. 

Here is where I could insert a chart reflecting the correlation to my migraine incidents if I was to take the time to chart it. Yeah...yesterday wasn't a pretty day around me.

My modification is simply that I be allowed my morning coffee, but not a second cup...or the afternoon cup.

ONE 10oz cup of coffee
ONE sweet-n-low in said coffee
ONE splash of creamer (1/2 tbsp...I already do measure it)

All other components of Whole30 is all good to go.

Shall I be honest and use the #Whole30ish tag instead? 
*This modification is brought to you by the sane April that does will not require the use of prescription drugs.


  1. #Whole30ish, I like it! Gah, my problem is the booze. I'm toying with the idea of giving it up for 30 days this summer...

  2. I am on day 7 and it is going great! I thought the no PB and milk thing would kill me--because I am not a coffee drinker, but I do drink black tea with splenda and milk most every morning. But I've been super strict and after about 2-3 days without it, I'm just fine! The first 2 days were tough, tired, and headaches, and hungry alot, but now, I rarely have any cravings at all, and am drinking plain hot black tea for my "caffeine fix". Hope I make it to day 30 to see what kind of results I'll get--but it really makes you look at food differently for sure!


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