Jul 31, 2015

Fitness Friday: The "Return"

Technically yesterday was my 'Friday' since I'm surprising LittleOne by playing 'hooky' with her today.  I may regret this plan because she will likely expect this to be a new normal.   Daycare gave us short notice on 'professional training' day, so they are closing early today and instead of being a meany and making her go for the first half of the day, I took the whole day off.

Since I'm not in the office today, my original plans for my noon cardio got nixed.  But I reviewed my week and felt solid in having met my goals thus far.  My new adventure into IIFYM and measuring out everything has quite the learning curve, I think I'll be chalking these first weeks up to see if on the weekly average how far off my macros were.

So in honor of Fitness Friday Recaps, let me tally up how my week has been:
  • Monday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: Insanity Cardio = 216%
  • Tuesday - (5am) 3mile running + Noon: Jillian Michaels Buns and Thighs = 292%
  • Wednesday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: basic walking goals, no hard cardio = 101%
  • Thursday -(5am) 3.5-4.0miles running + Noon: Rockin Body Dance Party = 261%
  • Friday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: T25 Total Body Circuit = TBD
The percentages are that of daily goal from my PolarLoop.  Notice Tuesday? I was quite cranky waking up Wednesday and finding that number, had I known?  You bet my sore arss that I would have pushed myself to hit 300%.

My biggest win this week wasn't just the stats, but the fact that I was up at the gym by 5am every weekday. FIVE STRAIGHT DAYS.  And I didn't die. Win Win.

Five days (okay five and a half days) equals your 80% if you not working on perfection but rather progress with a 80/20 outlook.  This way for me, weekends are free for my family.
Anyone else get their FIVE days in yet? 

Jul 28, 2015

Day by Day...

This is me: being smarter this week than last, hopefully to prevent any migraine triggers or patterns.

On tap this week (and so far!):
  • Monday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: Insanity Cardio
  • Tuesday - (5am) 3mile running + Noon: Jillian Michaels Buns and Thighs
  • Wednesday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: basic walking goals, no hard cardio
  • Thursday -(5am) 3.5-4.0miles running + Noon: Rockin Body Dance Party
  • Friday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: T25 Total Body Circuit

Monday goals: 100% met
Tuesday - so far is 50%

Sounds lofty to any new readers, but this is what the old April was doing regularly. That is the pre-move last year and pre-migraines April that was keeping up with the doubles all five days a week.  I'm not running every-single-day this time around and I do think this will help with 'balancing' it all out and staying healthy and fueling myself better.  This time instead of sleeping in, I've adding the weights and yes it is making the difference in the important places (and its not on the scale...hmm)

So far so good!  Another day added to the 'win' column. 

The goal this week to have more 'wins' than 'losses'. 

Jul 27, 2015

Last week

Last time I shared my weekly recap, I felt good! Even though it wasn't perfect, I knew I was making progress and had the right attitude.

This past week, while I was kicking butt and too busy to blog? Yeah, I was rocking and rolling my ar$$ to a smaller number! I was flying high on exercise endorphins....until:
Can you see it?  Friday?
It threw my whole mojo off, first waking up to a sick kiddo who couldn't go to daycare, and then a day of feeling 'off.'  Waking up and immediately taking three advil should have been my warning but I forget.  It wasn't until 1pm after making lunches for the kidlets, that I realized how bad I was feeling and had to resort to television for them and a bed for me along with me reaching for migraine emergency meds. I needed that 'mommy-migraine-reboot.'

Saturday was better and then Sunday I forgot to put my tracker on until almost noon, so I'm confident it would have been 100% if I wore it a full day.

But this week? Oh it is ON.
Now that Hubs is back in town, I get to revisit my gym schedule with weights in the mornings!! So excited that this morning I got there before they opened at 5am and had bonus time to run through the weights with three sets instead of two and then I've convinced myself to always, every time I'm there, always get on the abductor/inductor machines for at least two sets each.  Somethings gotta give on these saddlebags.

You know which one I'm talking about....
Just remember....no eye contact!

 How was your weekend?  
And did you start your Monday off right?  
(we all know it helps to start strong on Monday!)

Jul 21, 2015

On the Table: Chicken Paprikash-ish (Whole30 style)

My version of the Whole30 resulted in a few hodgepodge type of meals, super easy but new combinations that I hadn't thought of before.  That and I had to incorporate newer vegetables to shake up the situation to avoid the "broccoli again??" whine from the family.  Cue the brussel sprouts!

Seems my son takes after my side of the family!  My dad was the only one who would eat them growing up and now I've taken a liking to them, and now my son.  He happens to be my fellow lefty in the house so I think it fits with the mom and son bond we have going on.  He's one lucky kid. ha.

One of our routine chicken meals was a standard "Chicken Paprikash"....don't worry, there isn't any brussel sprouts in this one! This dish is typically served over egg noodles or rice (I've even seen people do the smashed potatoes or mashed potatoes) but I thought to tweak it up for Whole30 and we've now had it three times, so I think its received a blessing.

Chicken Paprikash Whole30(ish)
1 lb chicken breast or tenders cut to inch size or bite size pieces
1 medium onion chopped
1 red pepper chopped
3-4 cloves garlic minced
14oz can of garbanzo (chickpea) beans drained and rinsed
3 tbsp flour (I used oat, but any kind will work)
1.5 tbsp spanish paprika
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp pepper
1.5 cups of chicken broth
*olive oil for searing meat

  1. Chop onion, peppers, garlic and set aside in bowl.
  2. In a small mixing bowl, combine the spices and flour of choice.
  3. In small batches, coat the chicken pieces in the spice mixture.  I typically do it all at once in a baggie and toss it around.
  4. In a deep skillet warm the oil to brown the edges of your chicken.  I typically only half-cook the chicken at most to ensure it doesn't dry out.  Remove the chicken pieces and set aside.
  5. Add the bowl of onion,peppers,garlic into the skillet, allow to cook and gather the spices from the pan.  Cook to al-dente, not quite soft.
  6. Add the chicken broth/stock/bouillon and bring to a boil.
  7. Return chicken to pan and cover to simmer for approximately 15minutes.  If using rice, this is when I would start it and both should be complete in 30 additional minutes of simmering both.

Whole30ish steps instead of rice:
  1. Stir occasionally while simmering to prevent the chicken from sticking.
  2. After 15minutes, add in the garbanzo beans.  
  3. Cook until the sauce is similar to beef stew consistency.

I accidentally left this too soupy the first time and served it atop of roasted cauliflower and it was amazing. Made me totally consider the cauliflower rice idea (but I don't have time for all that quite yet.)

The second time I was more patient and it was eaten by itself with a green salad as part of dinner.

Jul 17, 2015

Fitness Friday: Fives

Its Friday people, you know what that means?
wait, no what?

I don't know what that means, but for me it means Day5.
Five of Five:
  • Five alarms at 4:42am
  • Five protein filled breakfasts
  • Five lunchtime walks or workouts
  • Five prepped lunches 
  • Five gallons (plus) of water
  • Five days of fruit fruit and fruit
  • Five servings of watermelon daily
You know what else?
  • Five different people asked me if I've lost weight.

I needed to hear those remarks.
I needed the slap of truth to ignore that scale and keep doing this thing, 
because it feels good and maybe, just maybe....
I may start to look good? hahaha.

Have a great weekend everyone!!
Anyone aiming for 5/5?  

Jul 16, 2015

About that....

Is it considered a 'binge' if its watermelon?
I'm not being facetious, I've blogged and joked here about how I've honestly had watermelon for dinner twice....err make it three times now.
Whew...okay just Dr.Googled myself and verified that I'm not in a bad place completely but seeing a checklist or symptom checker makes ya realize how slippery this stuff can get.

I think it may be a carb/sugar thing.  I have been lowcarb for almost five years now and fruit is a no-no. Total dynamic shift from lowcarb to Whole30 and my body is rejoicing again.  My fruit deprived brain must be in love!   
I have no regrets with this newfound love, I'm in a honeymoon phase so bear with me....but I'm thinking I'm making a solid good choice in fruit (yay, allowed!) and nominal carbs (yay, allowed!) without too much guilt. However, for the sake of my trying to gradually shift into this IIFYM (for real this time) I've started at least weighing and portioning out my watermelon.  I have two cups today already weighed and tracked.  I hope this IIFYM thing helps figure out why I cannot move forward (aka downward) in this journey.

Sidenote: Anybody realize how hilarious some random memes are?  I don't get the reference or some internet fads like watermelon helmets, but some are so random I cannot help but giggle. 

Jul 10, 2015

Fitness Friday: Fluff

as in the fluff on the scale? 
Not really.  I do feel fluffy today and the scale is right where I expected it to be, but I'm not bitter (yet).  I dragged my booty out of bed at 4:40 all five days this week.  Thursday though, after trying to wake up for 15minutes I admitted defeat and returned to bed, but the entire day turned into a migraine hangover type of day so I knew working out yesterday would have pushed me over completely.

I hit 200% again today, for twice this week.
I forgot my lunch today and am surrounded by donuts, kolaches, and thousands of sugar calories of temptations. 
I ate watermelon.
I ate watermelon for dinner twice this week because it truly is that good.

Kiddo's birthday is this weekend and I have to remember what kind of snacks and fun stuff people eat.  He's stoked that we are getting pizza for him and his friends, but already said that I need to get good snacks for everyone too.

I told him I'm not sharing my watermelon.

Have a great weekend everyone!!

Jul 8, 2015

Dear Mr. FIFA....

Don't know if anyone heard, but there was a little soccer game going on this past weekend?  
usmagazine.com image

It was just about the biggest thing for women. Not only were women around the United States, watching but turns out everyone was watching as it is now recognized as the 2nd biggest television audience for any sporting event.EVER. 

From SBNation:
"The fact that the 2015 Women's World Cup just became the most-watched soccer event in U.S. television history is a big "eff you" to the doubters who say that America doesn't care either about women's sports or soccer."


These women worked their butts off and it showed.

I along with 43.2 million other people watched the entire 93minute game plus 30minutes of celebrations and trophies.  I loved that my family watched this together, my Hubs and 10yr old boy as well as my impressionable 4yr old girl.  I loved that Hubs and Kiddo both got into the game and kept remarking on how fast and entertaining the match was (as well as the prior two we watched.)

These girls deserved this win, this hoopla, this imagery.
ymca soccer images
My 4yr old immediately went for her ball and wanted to kick it around the yard while I grilled dinner after this game.  And for that, I thank you Women's National Team.  Thank you Hope, Abby, Carli, and all the other women who spent the two hours kicking some butt from very first two minutes!

My joy and pride in our awesome ladies was soon distracted. 
Not by their actions, but by the spectacle that came with their trophy ceremony.  

'Mom! look at this??
Why are those girls so dressed up? 
And why are they wearing high heels on the field??'

My son, a 10year old athlete himself questioned this.
My daughter, a 4yr old who likes to wear a superhero cape, 
kick a ball like her brother and is a ninja-princess in training, 
luckily did not see this.

To you MR. FIFA (because it is obvious the organization is led by fudgey-old males):
Save this bs type of imagery for your oldschool, anti-woman ideology.  You just had the world's largest audience to promote your sport, your organization, your brand.  You had the chance to show the world that the US and others' that futbol or soccer is here to stay and only going to get bigger and better thanks to these amazing athletes.  Female athletes of all shapes and sizes, respectable professional women.  This was insulting on so many levels.
Hope Solo is the centerpiece of this picture....not the models!

Luckily my family opted to watch from afar as our athletes graciously accepted their medals and trophies and celebrated with their loved ones.

Oh by the way Mr. FIFA,
This also happened and America's heart exploded even more that this could happen and be broadcasted and shared around the world.
 A married couple kissing in celebration.
Abby Wambach and her wife, Sarah Huffman

Congratulations to our athletes and to little girls around the world!!

Jul 7, 2015

Cravings...(product review)

So here I am about five weeks into this attempted Whole30 plan, and I feel good. Okay not good...but I mean that I'm better physically, gut wise, energy and what not.  All the promised results of a cleaner diet (I'll update on the numbers in a separate post) but I realized I'm an oddball and have to admit that I have been having weird cravings.

Hubs asked twice this past month if I was pregnant.  Hilarity ensued with the miracle that it would require, but we both remarked on my sudden return of the watermelon cravings.  I am going through two to almost three watermelons a week (if I share) much like when I was pregnant with my first.
Watermelon, a craving?
I guess this is a good thing....fruit is allowed! Score.
No idea why i can't help but giggle at this??
If Hubs read the blog, I'd mention that we are out again and yes,
 I will be making an emergency watermelon stop tonight on the way home from work. oky doky?

 But the more disturbing craving?  Protein.
 Remember my pre-Whole30ish days when I would share my protein ice-cream concoctions? 
Or my protein powder oatmeal mush breakfasts?
Or my attempts at protein powder muffins, pancakes, waffles and other baked yummies?

My norm was Jay Rob eggwhite protein powder since it was best on my stomach and issues, but Nutrition53 took on the challenge of my gut to try and convert me.  We all know protein ain't cheap, so I took up the offer to try it out.  While most protein powders have claimed to be 'lactose free' and such, I have realized in the last year or two that my issues are with the actual whey.  My gut is as picky as a three year old with an undivided plate that lets the food touch each other, so before taking the challenge on, I read over the labels really well about their 'gluten or lactose' free claims and took the nominal risks for myself.

Meal replacement shake

Basic Protein powder 

My gut gave me the green light to go ahead and give them a shot.  Woah, I received way more options than I even realized existed, so Hubs actually helped me out with a few of the samples.

We got to sample a variety of flavors, including Banana Cream, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Strawberry, Cookies and Cream, Vanilla, and the classic Chocolate.

I immediately snagged the chocolate peanut butter and the cookies and cream to make some of my pro-cream (icecream slush thing). A full pouch would get me 4servings, but I shared so the mom guilt wasn't too bad.

I also made some chocolate protein crepes one morning for the kids with fresh fruit, next time I will decrease the protein and add a different flour to balance out the 'protein' aftertaste, but overall the kids ate them!

Overall, the flavors all got A+s from Hubs and myself.  I loved finally having some variety that egg white doesn't have yet.  While I have taken this break, Hubs was still using it on occasion for a protein shake/snack.  Him having a normal human gut, loved it and never complained about any after taste or bitterness some protein powders give you.  He didn't test the Vegan options sent, but I did and well I'm still batting a 0-0 for vegan options.  Good thing I'm not reliant on vegan choices, this vegan version is much like the other's I've tried that have a much more bitter flavor and grit to them.  I don't think of the chocolate or vanilla, but think of 'yum...dry chalky chemical stuff.'

While the Vegan choices didn't work for me, the normal Whey did not bother me nearly as much as other brands.  I had minor gut issues, but manageable.  I know that the next time I suddenly run out of egg-white (whenever I return to the powders) I can handle this whey protein!  Just like the variety, I'm liking having a backup option finally.

But what prompted me to share this experiment with Nutrition53....is what I've missed most:

Look at that...six weeks ago? Sigh.
My breakfast oatmeal protein 'mush.'
Or what I liked to call my 'breakfast cookie.'  I miss the oaty chocolatey peanut buttery mush that happened to have 10-12grams of protein in it (half scoop).  

It doesn't photograph pretty, 
but it sits in my tummy wonderfully when made with the right protein powder whether it is my Jay Rob Egg-white or now the Nutrition53 brand protein options.

**I received Nutrition53 products mentioned in this post in exchange for my blunt and honest reviews read here**

Jul 1, 2015

If Buffy can't help me, who then?

Its not a shocking declaration or anything, it is frankly a repeat of every month. 
And that is irking me.
So much of repeat, that the gif theme repeat is warranted from last year's June/July goals.

Instead of dwelling on my stupid scale and its cruel intentions (pun originally not intended, ha!) to mentally break me, I'm going to spin it all in my favor. That's what the internet is for, right?

I know that I found my workout and motivation mojo again
I know that I'm working out five days a week
I know that I'm going well above my 100% on five or six days a week.
I know that I'm drinking a minimum of a full gallon of water daily
I know that I'm eating cleaner than I ever have.
I know that I've now gone 31days without cheese.
I know that I've now gone 31days without protein powder
I know that I've track and been under 1600 calories everyday, most often under 1200. *gross calories
I know that I've eaten more fruit this past month than I have in likely four years (my lowcarb time is very very limited with fruit)
I know that for the last two weeks since vacation I've burned over 2000calories when wearing HRM per week.
I know that for the month I've added in weights and strength training three days a week.

I know that I'm getting up at 4:45am five days a week to make this happen.

I KNOW that I'm doing all the right things.
What else am I supposed to be doing?
I don't know what else I can give to myself to get this weight moving in the right direction.
So if Buffy can't help a girl out, who can?

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