Jul 16, 2015

About that....

Is it considered a 'binge' if its watermelon?
I'm not being facetious, I've blogged and joked here about how I've honestly had watermelon for dinner twice....err make it three times now.
Whew...okay just Dr.Googled myself and verified that I'm not in a bad place completely but seeing a checklist or symptom checker makes ya realize how slippery this stuff can get.

I think it may be a carb/sugar thing.  I have been lowcarb for almost five years now and fruit is a no-no. Total dynamic shift from lowcarb to Whole30 and my body is rejoicing again.  My fruit deprived brain must be in love!   
I have no regrets with this newfound love, I'm in a honeymoon phase so bear with me....but I'm thinking I'm making a solid good choice in fruit (yay, allowed!) and nominal carbs (yay, allowed!) without too much guilt. However, for the sake of my trying to gradually shift into this IIFYM (for real this time) I've started at least weighing and portioning out my watermelon.  I have two cups today already weighed and tracked.  I hope this IIFYM thing helps figure out why I cannot move forward (aka downward) in this journey.

Sidenote: Anybody realize how hilarious some random memes are?  I don't get the reference or some internet fads like watermelon helmets, but some are so random I cannot help but giggle. 

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