Jul 28, 2015

Day by Day...

This is me: being smarter this week than last, hopefully to prevent any migraine triggers or patterns.

On tap this week (and so far!):
  • Monday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: Insanity Cardio
  • Tuesday - (5am) 3mile running + Noon: Jillian Michaels Buns and Thighs
  • Wednesday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: basic walking goals, no hard cardio
  • Thursday -(5am) 3.5-4.0miles running + Noon: Rockin Body Dance Party
  • Friday - (5am) 30minutes lifting routine + Noon: T25 Total Body Circuit

Monday goals: 100% met
Tuesday - so far is 50%

Sounds lofty to any new readers, but this is what the old April was doing regularly. That is the pre-move last year and pre-migraines April that was keeping up with the doubles all five days a week.  I'm not running every-single-day this time around and I do think this will help with 'balancing' it all out and staying healthy and fueling myself better.  This time instead of sleeping in, I've adding the weights and yes it is making the difference in the important places (and its not on the scale...hmm)

So far so good!  Another day added to the 'win' column. 

The goal this week to have more 'wins' than 'losses'. 

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  1. Great quote. Shedding a tear is absolutely fine, but at some point you have to pick up your gloves and fight again....I point driven home to me these past few months.


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