Jul 1, 2015

If Buffy can't help me, who then?

Its not a shocking declaration or anything, it is frankly a repeat of every month. 
And that is irking me.
So much of repeat, that the gif theme repeat is warranted from last year's June/July goals.

Instead of dwelling on my stupid scale and its cruel intentions (pun originally not intended, ha!) to mentally break me, I'm going to spin it all in my favor. That's what the internet is for, right?

I know that I found my workout and motivation mojo again
I know that I'm working out five days a week
I know that I'm going well above my 100% on five or six days a week.
I know that I'm drinking a minimum of a full gallon of water daily
I know that I'm eating cleaner than I ever have.
I know that I've now gone 31days without cheese.
I know that I've now gone 31days without protein powder
I know that I've track and been under 1600 calories everyday, most often under 1200. *gross calories
I know that I've eaten more fruit this past month than I have in likely four years (my lowcarb time is very very limited with fruit)
I know that for the last two weeks since vacation I've burned over 2000calories when wearing HRM per week.
I know that for the month I've added in weights and strength training three days a week.

I know that I'm getting up at 4:45am five days a week to make this happen.

I KNOW that I'm doing all the right things.
What else am I supposed to be doing?
I don't know what else I can give to myself to get this weight moving in the right direction.
So if Buffy can't help a girl out, who can?



  1. Don't kill me ... but, are you eating enough??

  2. I was just going to ask that too. You may need to eat about 100-200 calories more... (and I love all the Buffy of course!)

  3. I've got to agree with Aubrey Leigh and Desiree- it sounds like you aren't eating enough. Try not to go under 1500, with your activity level I'd put you closer to 1800 (if you were my client). Also how's your sleep? Too little calories + too little sleep = a body with no interest in burning fat, probably burning muscle instead (eek!).


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