Jul 27, 2015

Last week

Last time I shared my weekly recap, I felt good! Even though it wasn't perfect, I knew I was making progress and had the right attitude.

This past week, while I was kicking butt and too busy to blog? Yeah, I was rocking and rolling my ar$$ to a smaller number! I was flying high on exercise endorphins....until:
Can you see it?  Friday?
It threw my whole mojo off, first waking up to a sick kiddo who couldn't go to daycare, and then a day of feeling 'off.'  Waking up and immediately taking three advil should have been my warning but I forget.  It wasn't until 1pm after making lunches for the kidlets, that I realized how bad I was feeling and had to resort to television for them and a bed for me along with me reaching for migraine emergency meds. I needed that 'mommy-migraine-reboot.'

Saturday was better and then Sunday I forgot to put my tracker on until almost noon, so I'm confident it would have been 100% if I wore it a full day.

But this week? Oh it is ON.
Now that Hubs is back in town, I get to revisit my gym schedule with weights in the mornings!! So excited that this morning I got there before they opened at 5am and had bonus time to run through the weights with three sets instead of two and then I've convinced myself to always, every time I'm there, always get on the abductor/inductor machines for at least two sets each.  Somethings gotta give on these saddlebags.

You know which one I'm talking about....
Just remember....no eye contact!

 How was your weekend?  
And did you start your Monday off right?  
(we all know it helps to start strong on Monday!)

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