Aug 10, 2015

Aug 3 - 9 Week Recap

Happy Monday ya'll.

This weekend threw me a sudden curveball, 
but I'm going to give myself a B++ for last week's activity.  

For the first ever, I managed to over a 300% day. That was pretty sweet! Now this is where I'm getting confuddled.  See those confirmed burnt calories just on my HRM sessions?  A clear 2700 calories burnt, plus my deficit calories and my constant walking which is not in the HRM calcs...obviously more than the alleged 3500calories to lose a pound.

But I keep plugging along,
I'm feeling more confident and stronger, so that's where I'm at right now.

Good thing for that kickbutt Friday though! I knew that Saturday was going to be a bust and that had to be justified of course. The beach is 4hrs away, so my Saturday at 72% isn't too shabby considering 8hours was spent in the car!

We went on and had a blast at the beach and now the 4yr old should calm herself down about going to the beach.  We all survived with only me with a small sunburn on my thighs. 
A small burn without too much pain is a successful outing into the Texas sun for this pale white girl.

Sunday was just doing the mom thing making up for lost time on Saturday with all the errands and house cleaning in a single day.  I was smart and used my time wisely while the kids were in swim lessons and snuck out to hit a bonus lifting session! On the weekend? Whoop!

Can I do it again this week?  Will I ever see a pound loss?  
This mind wants to know (and her thighs...and butt...and so on and so forth.)

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