Aug 31, 2015

Dear MTV (vent)

Dear MTV;
You will never be what you once were, in part thanks to your programming ventures but also your lack of actual music videos.  Upon hearing that Miley would be hosting your video awards, (what videos?) I was perplexed as to if there was still an audience for such an awards show.  From the outside I assumed the music industry had turned it back on you for this lack of partnership, but I was wrong.  

Music and lack of videos aside, let me educate you on the finer points of marketing.  


This is why your first generation of MTV loyalists cannot help you with your legacy.  You see, us MTV generation kids grew up and are the parents of your musicians now.  We are the parents of your audience you should be trying to suck into your music everything world.  If that is what MTV is about anymore. 

I will be the first one to swallow my pride and admit that the girl can sing.  Remember her SNL semi-dressed sitting on a stool doing an acoustic Wrecking Ball, ya know, when she focused on the art of music and not a 'show'....she won me over as having a smidge of talent.

I originally planned to just type a judgmental post on how crappy Kim and Kanye looked....
not flattering at all Kim..and Kanye? sloppy sweats? no.
and who shined fashion wise (Selena you win...even over your BFF Taylor!)

but scouring the interworlds and images just frustrated me more than anything.  What I found just showed me that Miley has some issues.  I hope there was some psychotherapy in the contract for her because girl needs help.  All her drug references and proud marijuana use aside...she perpetuates the unnecessary sexuality of young girls.  And you, MTV, are encouraging this drug-induced young lady to flaunt her stupid nonsense for your gain. 

Miley, you were used as a publicity stunt. 

Sorry dear...I wish your agent would have warned you, but you were simply for ratings.  Your free spirit and layers of undress were not for your talent or artistry (and this is a reach for me to even mention) but you were used for your image and body.  Is this what you want to be known for?  Your love of nekkidness and drugs?  

Sorry hon.  If it weren't for your Disney earnings, you would be nothing more than that drunk whore at the party that all the girls feel sorry for and the guys just want to....well you know.

MTV, seems if nekkidness and drugs are what you are about nowadays, then I'm afraid I will have to continue to use other avenues for music videos and showing the next generation what MUSIC is about rather than your channel.

a first generation MTV viewer.


  1. Wow--very well said! I didn't watch the awards show--and now that I see this, I'm glad I didn't!

  2. I didn't watch but totally agree that Miley's hosting was purely for ratings. Kim and Kanye looked terrible. Selena did indeed look great, and in the photos I saw of my favs John Legend and Chrissy Teigen and Gigi Hadid, they looked fabulous!

  3. I didn't watch. After reading this.. glad I passed on it.


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