Aug 7, 2015

Friday: Introverts and Hives

I hope to share my full week  recap on Monday, but a teaser is that my calorie burn already surpassed that of last week.

I realized Wednesday morning that I was going to be off-site for a training until noon. This really put a damper on my intended schedule of a Wednesday-rest day because if I had to be somewhere other than my cubicle, that meant I needed to doll up at home.  In order for my makeup and hair to be more presentable at 8am at this unknown location with unknown persons, it meant I had to skip my AM run.  Add in that this training also was scheduled to noon exactly....the same time as my favorite day of the week cardio class.  Thursdays are typically a ShaunT dancey thing either with HipHop Abs or a RockinBody. Double-whammy of a loss all for the sake of discovering if I'm an introvert or extravert.

Newsflash: slightly introverted with OCD tendencies, I don't need a quiz and four hour training.  Back to the point, I realized this around 11am on Wednesday, so I had to nix my rest-day and jump into another Jillian Michaels' beating video.  I worked it all in and rescheduled my rest day to Thursday thanks to a trainer who didn't give me my appropriate walking breaks for my step count. I was very grouchy being off routine (see above note about OCD.)

Outside of my scheduling snafu, I had another snafu with sucralose or whatever the hell I may be allergic to.

Two days of hives this week.
Winning aren't I?
Fine, he's a bigger winner than I am.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!
Make smart choices and work your bums off.
I'll be getting up even earlier to hit the road for a last summer trek to the beach with the kidlets to burn in the sun for the day. 

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