Aug 25, 2015

Online shopping fail

I've long been the first to admit that I'm less than the whole girly girl woman people think I should be.  I am the cliché white chick with her love of coffee and pumpkin spiced everything, but you will never find me roaming a mall or clothes shopping with that coffee.  I abhor clothes shopping.  Like death by treadmill boredom sounds like an awesome distraction or delay tactic to avoid shopping for myself.

I hated it at size 14-16 and still hate it as a size 6-8-10 whatever. 
 No difference, it still sucks.

But I'm trying, I do want to be cute....because lets face it, cute clothes are more plentiful when they are smaller than a former size! We all know a size 18 will feel cuter than the size 22 just like moving from a XXL to a XL and the same as the 2 moving into a 6!  Same clothes, but we all know that things FEEL cuter, we feel CUTER and dressed better when its in our personally desired size whatever that may be.  I say this, because vanity sizing messes with our minds and makes shopping as hard or harder than working out.

I said 'screw it' last month and snagged a "grab bag" deal I found on (great site btw) from White Plum.
great site for gifts and accessories!

specific product or boutique

I checked the sample pictures and said 'they have some cute pieces and definitely things I would never try myself.' So I ordered two mystery grab bags, one in a size small and one in a size medium.  According to the size chart I'm right in the middle so I figured something would work out, right?

Each grab bag included a total of three items that could have been a shirt, leggings, accessories, whatnot.  I figured out of 6 items, my money wouldn't be wasted if I managed to get 1-2 items. 

For reference here, other than my arm size...I have similar measurements as everyone's cute favorite, SkinnyMeg.   I just am not as photogenic as she is! ha. 

As of June 1 measurements from the Y; should be smaller now but not officially measured
  • Height: 5'6
  • Arms 12
  • Bust 33  **she wins here, I need a padded bra to get that 33
  • Waist 26.5
  • Hip 40
  • Thigh 21

I received a total of 4 shirts, 1 tunic/dress thing, 1 leggings, and one set of earrings.

I'll keep the rest of this post short and sweet and just say that its all for sale if interested.  This is not a reflection of either site, just me and my shopping woes!!

I hope to iron them out and take pictures shortly on Instagram...but for real, I'm keeping one single shirt with the hopes that my arm fat will shrink to where it is comfortable.


  1. I hate that happened! I'm not familiar with that site/boutique, but I will say in my experience "fast fashion" pieces don't fit me terribly well. I've found that I have to stick with consistent (and boooo, usually more expensive) brands to get a correct fit. Good luck!

  2. Bummer!!! I'll check on IG soon for the pics :D


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