Aug 17, 2015

Recap: Aug 10-16

So close!!!
and now my picture isn't working....the rare times I actually have my own pics to share?

Per last week's schedule:
  • Monday: (am) 3.12miles + (noon) Insanity Max 30 "Sweat"  BOOM!! 311% done
  • Tuesday: (am) Lifting session + (noon) Billy Blanks TaeBo 200%
  • Wednesday: (am) 3-4miles + (noon) Jillian Michaels No More Trouble Zones 248%
  • Thursday: (am) lifting session + (midmorning)Swim laps or run for cardio* 170%
  • Friday: (am) 2-3 miles + (noon) T25 Body Circuit 167%
  • Saturday: cleaning house and errands 109%
  • Sunday: REST day: 86% *however this has three hours missing due to charging.

  • I give myself a A - for last week.  A full "A" would have been hitting that 100% on Sunday for a full week over 100%.

    Bonus was that the total step count for last week? 101529

    It was a busy week, and I hope to keep it up.  Friday morning I saw very nice numbers on the scale which is always awesome.  Unfortunately Thursday and Friday I wasn't feeling myself and reached for some chocolate which has caused a minor binge over the weekend with a sweettooth.  I still maintained and even tracked the intake, but sugar like that is a very slippery slope with cravings returning very quickly to where I have to start over with a sugar detox.

    I'm hopeful to finish up August and then revisit the trainer at the YMCA to check my measurements and body fat with a solid 12weeks under my belt.  I know the scale hasn't moved too much, but I'm feeling more tight and now craving workouts (go go power endorphins!) so I'm in a better place already!

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