Aug 21, 2015

Recap: Aug 17 -21

Welp, appears my blogging duties were shirked this week....reasons? Let me count the ways:

  • Monday - unplanned emergency doctor visit for Kiddo1
  • Tuesday - planned AM doctor appointment for Kiddo2 
  • Tuesday - school event only during work hours? (not cool school peeps)
  • Tuesday - unplanned emergency doctor visit for Kiddo1
  • Wednesday - followup to Tuesday appt2 in AM.
  • Thursday - work catchup day 
The life with live as working mamas right?  Turns out I didn't do too shabby in regards to managing all of that in addition to trying to slim down this booty.

I have to give myself an A for effort and going out of my routine and trying to make up for change in plans.  I had to go out of my element and figure out how to meet my 100% minimum goal everyday while all that other stuff snuck up on me.

Lets compare to the workout intentions with the reality of my work week:

Plans were: (AM) Run + noon: Insanity Max Sweat
Reality? Run 3.25 miles = 202%

Plans were: (AM) lifting session + REST DAY DUE to plans.
Reality?  Extralong  run of 5.10 miles!! = 266%

Plans were: (AM) Run + (noon) Brazillian Butt Lift
Reality? a fritzed out heart rate monitor during my lifting session. And a random cardio class to get it all done while everyone slept?  Cardio Funk at the YMCA. Just do it. It was awesome!

Plans were: (AM) lifting + (noon) Gunnar Training Camp
Reality? a barebones slow 2.5miles hill walking on the treadmill and then nada due to work = 140%

Plans were: (AM) Run + (noon) T25 Core Speed
Reality?  BACK ON TRACK baby!  only 1pm and I'm sitting at 271%

I honestly can go into this weekend (the last of summer!!) with a good feeling that while I was busier than a Duggar PR rep, I can sit back and get all that other mama and kiddo stuff done.

And then hit it hard again come Monday.
Have a great weekend!! 
Especially if its the last one of summer for ya'll too! 

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