Aug 24, 2015

This Week: Aug 24 - 28 (and #MCM)

I am determined to finish up August for my 12weeks and revisit that evil trainer at the YMCA to update my measurements and bodyfat.  I know the scale is inching in a good direction but I want to get a full picture of what I've done this summer.

I recapped early last Friday and had a great weekend with hitting 100% or more both Saturday and Sunday.  Squeezed in a Sunday lifting session while LittleOne had swim lessons. Seems Hubs and I enjoy giving each other an anonymous flirty gym head nod and smile whenever we cross paths at the gym. Ha. We both have our music going so neither of us talk, just he struts and gives me the head-nod.
(not Hubs obviously...but pretty close to it)

What's on tap this week?  Funky week with some work things interfering with my noon cardio classes, so I'm going to have to step it up on the AM a couple days.

  • Monday - (am) 4miles! + (noon) Insanity30:Friday Night Fight
  • Tuesday - (am) lifting session + (noon) Jillian Michaels Kickboxingt
  • Wednesday - (am) 3-4mile run + (noon) T25 Lower Focus
  • Thursday - (am) lifting session + (noon) power walk - likely indoors 
  • Friday - (am) 4mile run + (noon) power walking
Now that my plan is typed out, lets embrace and enjoy a little #MCM with an obvious favorite...Joe.

one cannot think of Joe without're welcome!

Happy Monday everyone!! 
Go out and hit it hard!

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  1. Joe was a really fun surprise while watching True Blood. I had NO idea he was a guest star for several episodes!


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